Fashion Story: Groovy Metamorphose

Sixties Fashion Story Groovy Metamorphose

Sixties Fashion Story Groovy Metamorphose


Inspiration for Groovy Metamorphose

Io recently saw a picture of the legendary @junobirch and said, “mama, I want to look like her”. But if you know Io well, you know she’s inspired by soo much and wants to be something new almost every day! However, mom did pull through and made Io into the 4-year-old version of Juno (pastel skin and all). Little did we know, this playtime would propel a fashion journey of discovery for Io – Sabrina Massa (mom).




Groovy Metamorphose Credits:

Photography, Styling and Art Direction: Sabrina Philippou.

Model: Io @goldenchild_io

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Photography by Sabrina Philippou – All rights reserved.

All posts copyright Junior Style Sales Ltd.

Please do not reproduce without permission.

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