Feature: Lockdown Photo Series Part 2

Feature: Lockdown Photo Series Part 2 Quarantine

We are Amy (9 yrs) and Bonnie (7 yrs), two little Parisian earthlings, living with our parents in an apartment right in the heart of the Marais quarter. We are passionate about travelling, board sports (snowboard, wakeboard, rollers and skates), nature and animals. Our new destination since mid-March was as sudden as surprising. No need for aeroplane fares, no need for passports nor luggage. We just needed to open the window…to the balcony!

Clearly, it saved us from the lockdown! We rediscover this little outside room barely three metres square and made it our new playroom.

After school at home, it’s free time, mum pulls out old toys to recycle them into new activities, then everything is allowed!!! She loves taking pictures of us for her photo album that we also call Instagram.

Whilst waiting for freedom and carefree days, take good care of yourselves! Amy & Bonnie


Day 18 – April 1st

Feature: Lockdown Photo Series Part 2

Day 19 – Skateboarding on My Balcony

Day 20 -Tanning My Feet

Day 21

Day 23 – It’s Raining It’s Pouring

Day 24 – Wash Day

Day 25 – Denim Dungaree’s Day

Feature: Lockdown Photo Series Part 2

Day 26 

Day 27 – Tea For Two

Day 29 – Umbrella Days



Follow Claire, Amy & Bonnie on Instagram HERE to view their photo diary and for the full captions on the day the images were posted. Part 3 of the Lockdown Series coming soon to Junior Style, #watchthisspace!


View Lockdown Photo Series 1 here.


View ‘Imagine‘ a quarantine themed editorial shot before the Corona Virus outbreak.







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