French Brands – A Tiny Adult in your Child’s bedroom!

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I have always been amazed by how big are the kids eyes. When I was younger, I didn’t want my eyes to become smaller like an adult. I thought I would lose something. Maybe the curiosity!

Isabelle Kessedjian has probably realised my dream with her caricatured adults with a big head and big eyes.

Take a look at Isabelle’s beautiful designs.  I hope that you like them just as much as I do!

Isabelle Kessedjian was inspired by her son’s first drawings and all the travels during her a globetrotter childhood. Isabelle created a magic & poetic world full of wacky characters ready to fulfill their dreams.

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I love her «When I’m big» collection. It’s so diverse, that you can find a canvas that corresponds to your child’s personality and aspiration: Artist, Footballer, Superhero…

As a bonus, if you want your child to practice his French, you’ve got the choice between the French or English version…

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French version
1. Canvas “Quand je serai grande, j’irai à Paris toute seule” for Girl – 2. Canvas “Quand je serai grand, j’irai à Paris” for Boy
3. Canvas “Quand je serai grand, je serai artiste” – 4. Canvas “Quand je serai grande, j’aurai plein de flèches”
English version
1. Canvas ” When I am big, I will find my Prince Charming” – 2. Canvas” When I am big, I will be a superheroine”
3. Canvas” When I am big,I will be a superhero” – 4. Canvas” When I am big, I will be earth friendly”

If you don’t know, what size to choose, there is also a size guide…


Have a feel on how you could decorate your girl or boy’s bedroom! 

blog af-tinyadultschildbedroom ideasdeco

1. Girl Bedroom with Canvas 100x100cm “Quand je serai grande, j’irai à Paris”

2. Boy Bedroom with Canvas 100x100cm “Quand je serai grand, je serai footballer”
The “When I am Big” collection is offered in different formats : Canvas (15x15cm/30x30cm/50x50cm/100x100cm), Backpack, pencil cases…

This collection is available, this week, on TendreDeal Boutique with up to 51% Off…

So tell me: Who is your favourite character?

Best wishes Alexandra

All images belong to Isabelle Kessedjian.

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