If I Were a King With Frou Frou Kids By Natasha Bridges

Natasha Bridges blogs about life and adventures with her son Oak at Growing Oak. Natasha has a passion for photography and loves to capture and document magical moments of Oak growing up in the stunning Shropshire countryside which is just near the English-Welsh border in the UK.  You can follow Natasha and Oak on Instagram @growing.oak

After making our homemade earthly crowns, we were in the mood for playing imaginary worlds featuring mythical kings and legends so visited the historical Moreton Corbet Castle, where you are free to roam and explore until your heart’s content. Oak searched for fire-breathing dragons which fly, sought magical hidden treasures, tried to release the famous sword in King Author’s stone and protected his kingdom with grace.

Our world is filled with candy floss fairytale dreams, and a large spectrum of life with Frou Frou Kids romantic and whimsical timeless clothing fit for any wise king.

Frou Frou Kids who are based in Cologne, Germany are an independent and conscious brand with a passion to counteract fast fashion and a fast pace of life. They conquered their heroic dreams into reality by sourcing ethically and naturally produced materials like merino wool and linen, with production in its own Cologne studio.

Meaning they can safeguard their garments into something they are proud of, elegant garments which are reduced and clear but complex in detail and quality. Fundamentally magical and carefree designs for our fairyland princesses and princes free to play in their own make-believe worlds.

Frou Frou’s founder, Gerit Hirsch main inspiration comes from her three young souls who make up her happy beloved family household. With plenty of expertise in the industry and thought for everyday family life, fabrics maintain durability and aftercare ease without compromise to the environment, giving us mum’s peace of mind.

The softness of the Oak’s OSLO merino wool jumper with a bold Jacquard design and Kobe off-white top was perfect for exploring hidden nook and crannies for treasure. The clothes took the complete brute force of Oak crawling back and forth through small tunnels without any sign of damage to the knees.

Oak with his constant desire to climb amongst the castle ruins loved to look out for any potential faraway enemies with a king grandiose about him. The beautiful pink and black colour design of the jumper added a unique modern no gender touch plus provided plenty ease of wear and warmth.

Oak felt like a king wearing his PARIS merino wool off-white cardigan teamed with a soft linen KOBE misty grey top. The NEW YORK pants had wonderful deep pockets to fill with his wealth of natural treasures he had attained hidden around the castle walls.

With a cold winter nip in the air, the soft and comfortable LONDON grey knitted scarf with a chic diagonal design, took the chill away so Oak could continue to play with luxurious style.

So go on, I invite you to enter the magical world of Frou Frou Kids where you will find the perfect mix and match garments for your precious ones where you really can make their fairytale dreams come true.

You can follow Natasha and Oak @growing.oak


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Clothing credits:

Oak’s OSLO merino wool jumper from Frou Frou Kids, Oak’s KOBE off-white from Frou Frou Kids, Oak’s Beige trousers: Bonpoint, Oak’s Medallion Fox Boots: Chapter 2 kids, Oak’s PARIS merino wool off-white cardigan from Frou Frou Kids, Oak’s KOBE misty grey from Frou Frou Kids, Oak’s NEW YORK pant from Frou Frou Kids, Oak’s LONDON grey scarf from Frou Frou Kids, Oak’s Crown’s: Homemade


View the FROU FROU KIDS collection here.




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