Happy Holidays: The Magic of The Season

We bring some festive cheer and Christmas magic to Junior Style, we present our seasonal holiday project.

As we all wind down to enjoy the upcoming festivities, some of our amazing followers have created some seasonal sparkle and Christmas magic for us all.

Scroll down to view our follower’s Christmas inspired images and to find out what the seasonal holiday means to each young person featured.

Happy Holidays: The Magic of The Season #christmasmagic #christmas #kidmodels

Candela Tenés @candelatenesoficialaged 13, represented by Happy Kids Models, Le Troch Kids, photos @estanis.photo

“Christmas is the best time of the year as one breathes love and happiness. Christmas smells of sweets, chocolates, marzipan and nougat. I like Christmas carols and lights. I love to see the gifts under the Christmas tree; It is also a time to bring the family together and check up on friends and family so that  no one is lonely at this time of the year.”Happy Holidays: The Magic of The Season #christmasmagic #christmas #kidmodels Lexi Valentine @lexioliviavalentine, aged 13 years old, represented by @kiddiwinks @minimodels

The holiday season for me is about getting dressed up in sparkly outfits, hanging out with my friends, family and loved ones and eating lots & lots of Candy Canes!!

Happy Holidays: The Magic of The Season #christmasmagic #christmas #kidmodels Pippa Ballie @pippa_rose_b, represented by @synergymanagement. Photos by mum.

‘Our theme was “Red and Green should never be seen, except for at Xmas’

What the seasonal holidays mean to Pip ‘It is my favourite time of year! A time for giving, love, laughter and spending quality time with friends and family. An added bonus is that you also get pressies! ha!’Naele Notari @naele.nota.official, age 6 years old, represented by Moda Modà kids (MILANO), photos by Mom.

The Christmas tree and the lights give me so much joy. I love waiting for Santa Claus to arrive, preparing milk and cookies and some carrots for his reindeer, waiting to unwrap the beautiful gifts he will leave me under the tree.

Umberto Cartone @umberto.cartone_and_mum, aged 7 years, represented by ModaModà Milano.

For me, the seasonal holiday means spending a lot of time with my family, playing, sharing time and moments of joy with the people I love.
Happy Holidays: The Magic of The Season #christmasmagic #christmas #kidmodels Happy Holidays: The Magic of The Season #christmasmagic #christmas #kidmodels Quinn Davis @quinnann9, age 12 years, represented by @katie_andelman_models

The holidays mean time spent with my mom and grandma in the kitchen baking all of our traditional goodies and sharing them with friends and family.Remi Garland aged 6. Represented by @targetmodelsinternational, photos by mom @lorna_rrm.

‘I love Christmas as I spend time with all my family and Santa is coming and leaving us some presents’.Happy Holidays: The Magic of The Season #christmasmagic #christmas #kidmodels Claudia Piñero (above) @claudia2page 9, represented by @frontrowmodels, photos @nuriagalera_fotografia.

‘I love family meetings, hot chocolate with “churros”, fondue dinners, stoking the fire and table talk while playing fun games such as mime the movie’.Christmas Feature: The Magic of The Season. Christmas MagicMilana Spark @milana.sparkage 13

I find inspiration in many interesting people I meet and beautiful things around me. One of the people that greatly inspires me is my mom because she is always creative and motivates me to do my best.Dhariyan Diego Singh Sadhra @dhariyan_diego, aged 7 years old. Not represented at present, image by mom.

I love the Christmas holidays because it means no school! So I can spend lots of time with my family doing fun things.Ruben Massey @ruben_aidan, aged 3, represented by @puzzle_talent, photos by mum @thisgirlrosington

What do the holidays mean to Ruben? I love the holidays because we can put up the Christmas decorations.



Happy Holidays to all our followers and Best Wishes for the New Year.  Thank you for all your support too!


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Happy Holidays Photography supplied by each young person – All rights reserved.

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