Little Miss Sophie’s & Gabriel’s Highlights From Playtime New York

Playtime New York usually coincides with New York Fashion Week and is the definitive guide to future seasons fashion design and the place to be if you want to be updated on the latest trends in independent fashion. It is especially fun to see the show through child’s eyes – it’s hard at first to explain to kids what it is – it’s not an exhibit, it’s not a store, it’s not a fair, it’s not quite a fashion show unless one makes it so. It’s a place to meet, to talk, to see the faces behind designs, and, of course, to get inspired!

It was a bit of struggle to decide what children would wear to the show – so we settled on premium designers for the children to wear – Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Scotch & Soda and Paul Smith.


With regard to trends, we noticed a strong push towards more dramatic expression this season. For RaspberryPlum it was in more exaggerated construction, for Paade Mode – super rich colours and lush fabrics, for Carbon Soldier – re-introduction of rich colour combos which marked their departure from monochromes, for Hilda.Henri – newly introduced shapes and their amazing mint-latte colour palette. Wolf and Rita went with rich colours and introduced knit details and lace to their always-folk-inspired collections, Infantium Victoria went with rich dark velvet colours, Moque introduced exaggerated ruffles and new footwear collection as well.


Along with traditional “kids” colours – softer muted pinks, neutrals – there seems to have been a strong trend for new more sophisticated colours. We noticed a lot of mint colour this season, ice blue, deep reds departing from traditional fire-engine reds, mustards and every shade of green in almost every collection (same, btw, is true for premium designers this upcoming season as well). There is a lot of colour also seen in footwear collections – Moque matched their new footwear to their dress colours with mint bows and ruffles, Manuela De Juan introduced new appliques echoing fire patterns also introduced by Stella McCartney for fall.

Our favourites

Our absolute favourites from the show were the new tulle dresses by RaspberryPlum – with their superimposed soft colours, incredibly wearable yet wildly original, and their amazing new outerwear in strong classic primary colours. Hilda.Henri – with their new colour palette and prints reminded us strongly of Parisian fashion of the 70s, with its minimalist yet striking esthetic – and oversized geometrical pockets. We also loved new rainbow colours of Maison Mangostan – and their rainbow glittered hi-tops already making their way into WGSN report.

It is, of course, fabulous to see kids try on amazing new fashion and nothing brings these better to life than being seen, twirled, tried on, smiled in.


You can follow Little Miss Sophie, with Gabriel periodically making an appearance @littlemisssophiescloset

Sophie and Gabriel’s clothing worn at Playtime New York, all available from @lolkidsarmonk


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Visit Playtime New York website here.


Images: Image slide 1-3 Sophie and Gabriel – clothing all available from @lolkidsarmonk. Image slide 4 – Raspberry Plum. Image slide 5, Image 1 Raspberry Plum, Image 2 Paade Mode. Image slide 6 – Paade Mode. Image slide 7 – Manuela Kids Design. Image slide 8 – Manuela De Juan. Image slide 9 – Blu Pony vintage. Image slide 10 – Devon’s Drawer. Image slide 11 – Velveteen Kidswear. Image slide 12 – Moque Kids. Image slide 13 & 14 – Infantium Victoria. Image slide 15 – Carbon Soldier Childrenswear. Image slide 16 – Hilda Henri.



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