Hooligans Magazine: Lean In

Lean in from hooligans Magazine

Junior Style London are pleased to share the stunning Lean In, an editorial by photographer Stefano Azario and Stylist Mariah Walker which appears in Poetry Tamed, the 9th issue of Hooligans magazine.  Scroll down for a little Q & A with Mariah and Stefano.

Lean in from hooligans Magazine

Lean in from hooligans Magazine

Lean in from hooligans Magazine

Lean in from hooligans Magazine

Lean in from hooligans Magazine

Lean in from hooligans Magazine

JS:  Tell me a little about yourself Mariah.

MW: I first started out styling women and a while ago I decided to move on to kids fashion ….. And I really like it! I have recently moved from Paris to NY and I am very lucky to have had some fantastic opportunities to work with some amazing photographers. I have worked with Stefano a few times now.

JS: Where did you get the inspiration for Lean In?

SA: There was a big fuss earlier on in the year, particularly on twitter regarding a Gap kids advert (not mine) in which an African American girl was being “leaned on”  or used as an armrest by a Caucasian girl which brought up ideas of passive racism.

With this in mind, I decided that it would be great to create a story on two girls I knew well that related to each other physically.

Mariah came up with the concept of using black and white clothing in the shoot.

JS: Why did you choose to use two dancers?

SA: The two young dancers were chosen due to the fact that they were more likely to be able to be expressive with the idea of leaning and trusting each other.  So the starting point was to have equivalence and to show this in the relationship of the models/dancers in the pictures.  Mariah and I wanted the shoot to feel pretty casual, so that it didn’t feel forced.

JS: What is the significance of the paint?

SA: The paint became another visual element to the shoot to hint at the skin deep insignificant difference racism magnifies in its ugly way.

JS: What are your favourite childrenswear brands Mariah?

MW: I don’t have a favourite brand. I believe that in every collection there is something “Nice” and “interesting”. I like certain fabrics, textures, colours and patterns.

I like clothes that are timeless. I like brands that don’t try to follow the trends, but have their own  identity or vision.

For me fashion and clothes are a language. I want to try to tell the story.  Being a stylist “A fashion editor” is about “playing ” with clothes and telling a story with a team.


Photography: Stefano Azario

Styling: Mariah Walker

Assistant: Zachary Chick

Models: Murphy and Jasmine

Clothing Credits:

Main Image: Jasmine- Body Wrappers Bodysuit, Murphy- We Love Colours Bodysuit. Image 5: Jasmine- Callibeth Top & Leggings, Malibu Sugar Black T-shirt, Murphy- Nununu Top & Body Wrappers Leggings. Image 7: Jasmine- American Apparel Top. Image 8: Murphy- Repetto Bodysuit.

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