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Junior Style London is thrilled to share Menagerie, Julia Boggio’s  stand-out editorial in the latest edition of Hooligans Magazine. You’re in for a treat, so keep scrolling.

I cannot think of anything more tender, more beautiful, and creatively mystifying as capturing the still moment, the magic and beauty of a child juxtaposed with a mounted animal, in a single unique photographic shot —Julia Boggio

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As the creative director for Boggio Studios, many of my ideas for editorial shoots stem from imagining what my clients might like to do with their children. My daughter is the source of much of my creative inspiration. As a mother, I am often further influenced by ways I’d like to photograph her. For a long time, I had harboured a desire to create something fantastical and Flemish in style using animals, thanks to my daughter’s love of anything furry and my love of dark, fine art portraiture.

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Fate seemed to have intervened, when one day I realised that the London Taxidermy Company was practically on my front doorstep in Wimbledon. I pitched the idea of using the mounted animals to my team. Everyone loved it, so we decided to make it happen.

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Putting together a team to realise this idea required careful consideration. Only people I trusted to bring their A-Game at all times were considered. My team consisted of stylist Becky Seager, hair and makeup artist Dominika Kasperowicz and art director Hannah Coates. We have all worked together many times in the past. Each brought great strengths and talents to the team.

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When I met Becky four years ago, we hit it off right away as we are often really excited by each other’s ideas. I find her ability to bring together different looks often with historical reference very impressive. Dominika is my go-to person for hair and makeup. With a background in art and design, she can create the most amazing hair-dos, using anything I throw at her. Hannah Coates is a great right-hand woman and art director, always helping me put my ideas in motion, and equally important keeping me on schedule at the shoot.

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Without fail, I enter into every shoot with a certain amount of healthy fear, but this time I had a few new things to worry about. I worried that the children would become unsettled by the mounted animals. I told the parents to describe the location of the shoot as an animal museum to help induce calm and relative excitement. Thankfully, they were all fine with the animals present.

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I was using mostly professional models from Bruce & Brown and Kids London, but I had also decided to use my own daughter in her first professional gig. Any photographer who works with her own child knows it can be difficult. I’m glad to report she was a real pro and, that night, she insisted on doing my hair and makeup before going to bed. While doing it, she asked me “So where did you go to school?” and “How old are you?” She had obviously learned the art of small talk from Dominika and her assistant.

The shoot went smoothly and in this case, my gamble working with both children and animals definitely paid off.

Thank you Julia and team!

Clothing credits from top to bottom, left to right: 1.Harley wears Tutu du Monde sparkle playsuit; Little Wardrobe blouse, and Sorcha O’Raghallaigh skirt and leather top; 2. Gwyneth wears Bon Point dress, Tutu du Monde hair accessory, Costume Studio ruff; 3. Brook wears Little Wardrobe hunting coat; Diesel trousers, Costume Studio ruff, stylists’ own gloves; 4. Brook wears Diliborio white shirt, Little Wardrobe trousers, Dr. Martens boots, Costume Studio ruff; 5. Oliver wears Little Wardrobe ruffle shirt, waistcoat, and trousers; 6-7. Harley wears Bon Point top, Une Fille skirt, Costume Studio ruff; 8. Gwyneth wears Bon Point grey taffeta dress and flower headband, Tutu du Monde dress underneath, Costume Studio ruff; 9. Gwyneth wears Courage and Kind blue dress, Costume Studio ruff.

Photography: Julia Boggio
Art Direction: Hannah Coates
Styling: Becky Seager
Assistant Stylist: Jon Revel
Makeup: Dominika Kasperowicz
Makeup Assistant: Shahna Begum
Models: Harley and Brook, Bruce & Brown, Oliver,  Kids London and Gwyneth Assistants: Charlotte Hodgson and Allyson Bari Guida

All animals used in this shoot were ethically sourced or are antiques from London Taxidermy. Strict guidelines are adhered to and all specimens are legally purchased. No animals are killed for this purpose. All London Taxidermy stock has legal paperwork where required.

All Rights Reserved.

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