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Eliza Logan, Editor-in-Chief of Hooligans magazine gets top marks for her recent collaboration with collage artist Lenka Laskoradova. A long time fan of Laskoradova’s work, Logan approached her with the idea to work on a new project that would showcase the summer looks in a completely new way. The resulting images incorporate seemingly random objects that create an architectural framework and a sense of movement, for which the series is named, Scatter. Bravo ladies.



scatte r4




All images courtesy of Hooligans Magazine.

Clothing credits from top to bottom and left to right:

1. Lily wears a Molo swimsuit and skirt; 2. Sade wears Feather Drum jumpsuit, Molo swim top; 3. Lily wears Molo swimsuit and sunglasses, shrug by Feather Drum; 4. Sade wears Ox_Wear swimsuit, Molo swim shorts Lily White shirt, and Molo visor; 5. Siena wears Pixieoto swimsuit, Molo swim shorts; 6. Siena wears Halo Luxe headband, Molo swimsuit; 7. Lily wears Molo swimsuit and sunglasses; 8. Siena wears Ox_Wear dress, Molo shorts, Betsey Johnson socks; 9. Model wears Halo Luxe headband and Ox_Wear swimsuit; 10. Sade wears Submarine Swim swimsuit; 11. Lily wears Molo dress and Free People sweater.




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