In the Magic Garden of Annabel Kern

blog af annabelkern introI love Spring as nature bursts into life again. The days are getting longer, the sun is coming out, the birds are starting singing, the trees are blossoming and the flowers flourishing. In the World of Annabel Kern, there is no real season to get the most of Nature. Colourful fruits, veggies…, always surround her.

The first seeds of Annabel’s magical garden were planted in 2008, after the birth of her first child and since then she has been developing her garden with apples, pears, mushrooms, dragonflies…….

Inspired by nature and the markets of Provence in the South of France, Annabel Kern offers home decoration, lifestyle & fashion accessories for the family.

From children’s accessories, rattles, apple or pear-shaped mobiles, mushrooms music boxes and dragonflies decoration.

All these items are unique, made in limited editions in small ateliers in Marseille by disabled people with love and with a great attention to detail.

This week, I want to give you a feel of this garden of colours magic and passion.

Ready for a little tour!

Annabel is a big fan of soft musical toys for babies. Annabel truly believes hearing a familiar melody is soothing to baby and helps them to fall asleep. When travelling it can also help the little ones to feel relaxed in new surroundings. The melodies range from International classics such as “Hey Jude” by the Beatles to French classics “La Vie en Rose” by Edith Piaf.

Annabel Kern‘s Apple & Mushrooms shaped Music boxes

Annabel’s creations are really unique. I really love her fabric Mushrooms with their chunky stems and colourful caps. You could get the musical version or the giant one.

Annabel kern‘s Giant Mushrooms & Music boxes

It seems that there is also a picking season for these cotton toadstools. When do you think it is?

The range of children’s accessories is also colourful and fruity..


Annabel Kern‘s Apple-shaped Backpacks

Annabel is also introducing other products from our day-to-day life : Candy, Biscuits, Milk…


Annabel Kern‘s Candy Music Box


Annabel Kern‘s Biscuit cushion

Annabel Kern is on Tendre Deal Boutique this week, only until Sunday!

See you next week with another French Discovery!


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