Inked – An Editorial For Hooligans Magazine By Abi Campbell

Inked An Editorial by Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine #hooligansmagazine #editorial #kidsfashionphotogrpahy #photogrpahy #inked #tatoos #juniorfashion #juniorstyle #andorine #abicampbell #fashionphotographer #kidswear #juniorfashion #andorine #denim

Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine Issue 14 ‘Wildlings’.

‘Inked’ features models Harley Elise and Abi’s daughter, Jemima. ‘I always had Harley in mind right from the beginning as I wanted Cara Delevingne rebel look and Harley could literally be her twin.’ – Abi Campbell.

Scroll down to read an interview with Abi Campbell by Hooligans Magazine.

Inked An Editorial by Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine #hooligansmagazine #editorial #kidsfashionphotogrpahy #photogrpahy #inked #tatoos #juniorfashion #juniorstyle #andorine #abicampbell #fashionphotographer #kidswear #juniorfashion #andorine #denim


Inked An Editorial by Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine #hooligansmagazine #editorial #kidsfashionphotogrpahy #photogrpahy #inked #tatoos #juniorfashion #juniorstyle #andorine #abicampbell #fashionphotographer #kidswear #juniorfashion #andorine #denim


Inked An Editorial by Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine #hooligansmagazine #editorial #kidsfashionphotogrpahy #photogrpahy #inked #tatoos #juniorfashion #juniorstyle #andorine #abicampbell #fashionphotographer #kidswear #juniorfashion #andorine #denim


Inked An Editorial by Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine #hooligansmagazine #editorial #kidsfashionphotogrpahy #photogrpahy #inked #tatoos #juniorfashion #juniorstyle #andorine #abicampbell #fashionphotographer #kidswear #juniorfashion #andorine #denim


Inked An Editorial by Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine #hooligansmagazine #editorial #kidsfashionphotogrpahy #photogrpahy #inked #tatoos #juniorfashion #juniorstyle #andorine #abicampbell #fashionphotographer #kidswear #juniorfashion #andorine #denim


Inked An Editorial by Abi Campbell for Hooligans Magazine #hooligansmagazine #editorial #kidsfashionphotogrpahy #photogrpahy #inked #tatoos #juniorfashion #juniorstyle #andorine #abicampbell #fashionphotographer #kidswear #juniorfashion #andorine #denim


Let’s get to know The Hooligans Magazine cover artist, Abi Campbell, in an interview by Hooligans Magazine.

Where does your love of photography spring from?

My love of photography came from a subconscious need to freeze frame life. I lost my mother aged 16 and my father in my 20’s and the photos of them and of my childhood are without question my most treasured possession. I picked up my Dad’s love of photography and have chests full of pictures cataloging my own journey. Now that we are in a digital age I obsessively print albums for my children to make safeguard their legacy of memories because I know how precious images are.

Do you see photography as a way of expressing your creativity?

Absolutely! After having children, I became very ‘stuck’.  I lost sight of who I was and what I wanted out of life. A friend suggested doing a pottery throwing class at art school which completely opened me up creatively and after that, I took up photography. I think we all have a creative side and it remains unexplored by most people because they simply lack confidence in their ability. Photography is my way of expressing myself creatively which is incredibly liberating and vital to my happiness.

We have been following your Instagram for a while and love your travel posts.  What country has been your favourite place to take photos?

Ironically India, when I left my camera behind! I went backpacking with my 9-year-old son on a pilgrimage to my father’s birth place and I didn’t want a camera to get in the way of the experience. But the places we visited were so staggeringly beautiful I spent the whole time taking sub standard photographs on my iPhone! I had lived in India in my 20’s though and so I still have plenty of pictures of myself in India during my ‘Yogi’ phase.

Has traveling the world had an influence on your work as a photographer?

I think the practice I have had using my camera on travel feature commissions has been invaluable. I wear my Canon 5D cam- era on a Rapid strap across my body without a lens cap and I barely put it down. There are endless photo opportunities when you travel.

Your children feature in a lot of your photos.  Is taking photos something that you enjoy doing together?

My children detest having their photograph taken when we travel. Without question, it comes between us. I have to produce images to go with my features and I often travel with fashion samples and shoot editorials on the run. It’s really hard work for the kids. However, I try to make my children understand that these trips wouldn’t be possible without their contribution and explain that I’m trying to hone a sense of work ethic into them.

The children’s favorite holidays are low budget local trips where I leave the camera at home. I try to do those twice a year to give them a break and my undivided attention.

What is your favourite shoot to date?

Probably my most recent shoot for Marie Chantel. I was involved from the inception and so it felt like my baby. Tracey Jacobs came on board as Art director which has unquestionably been the highlight of my career, as creatively she takes things to the next level. Tracey is a total genius. I am at my happiest when I’m working with a brilliant team. I always make sure everyone has a voice all the way through a project, from my hair and makeup artist to my trusty assistant. A good shoot to me is a creative collaboration.

Where does your inspiration come from when creating editorials and shoot set ups?

When I’m shooting abroad I grab opportunities when I see a location. The story usually revolves around the country and environment that I’m in. Ideas for other editorials come to me on a whim. I might see something that plants a seed and then I’ll do a storyboard and pitch it to art directors and it grows from there.

What was the first magazine you had your photos published in, was it an exciting experience?

I don’t think there is anything more exciting for a photographer than getting published. I had a huge catalogue of private commissions that I’d shot over the years and a local London magazine would pick through the images and put one on their cover every month. That was a buzz when I just started out. I consider Hooligans to be the most progressive children’s fashion magazine in the world. The caliber of photographers that make the print issue is so high, to be included amongst such talent is, of course, a massive coup and always something to celebrate.

What would be your dream location to shoot in?

I’ve been pretty lucky up to now when it comes to dream locations! Bhutan, Mauritius, Mexico, India, Singapore, Zanzibar, Arizona. I would love to do a fashion shoot in a stark location somewhere in the world. I have a hankering for salt flats, desert landscapes or the Antarctic. The moon?

Do you have any plans for visiting any more countries in the near future?

I have been commissioned to go to The Maldives in the next couple of months and I am going to Hawaii to do a feature in December. My plan is to fly on Christmas Day. I’m over turkeys and spending a fortune on presents that never get used. I think we’ve lost touch with what Christmas really means, so I’m canceling it and taking the kids on an amazing adventure to show them what the world is made of instead …..molten lava! 


Crew Credits:

Photography: To view more of Abi Campbell’s work follow on Instagram here.

Art Direction & Styling: Ewa Dziedzic

Hair & Make up: Amy Atkins

Models: Harley Elise and Jemima

Clothing Credits:

Slide 1, Image 1, Jemima – Diesel Denim Jumpsuit.

Slide 2, Image 1, Jemima – Forever 21 Shirt, Top Shop Leggings.

Slide 3, Image 1 & 2 Harley  – Andorine Top

Slide 4, Image 1, Harley Andorine Jacket and Pull & Bear Dress.  Image 2, Jemima – Little Marc Jacobs Jacket.

Slide 5, Image 1, Harley – Andorine Top

Slide 6, Image 1, Harley – Andorine Top.  Image 2, Jemima – Diesel Denim Jumpsuit.

Slide 7, Image 1, Harley Andorine Jacket and Pull & Bear Dress.  Image 2,  Jemima – What Mother Made Shirt, Burberry Skirt, Someday Soon Hat.  Harley – Diesel Jacket, Pull & Bear Top, Kingdom of Origin Dungarees.



To purchase, a copy of Hooligans Magazine Issue 14, click here.


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