Chit Chat Tuesday: Interview with Monnalisa Brand’s Creative Director, Diletta Iacomoni.

In the world of children’s fashion, Monnalisa stands as a beacon of excellence, renowned for its iconic ceremony dresses for girls and stylish elevated outfits for everyday wear. Each piece, crafted in Italy with exceptional quality and attention to detail, embodies the brand’s commitment to style and sophistication.

Monnalisa SS24

Recently, we had the privilege of speaking with Diletta Iacomoni, the creative force behind Monnalisa, who shared insights into the brand’s success, the differences between the EU and US markets, and the essence of fine Italian fashion. Her words shed light on the brand’s unwavering dedication to creating timeless pieces that enchant both children and their parents alike.

Monnalisa is renowned in the children’s fashion industry. What sets Monnalisa apart and makes it so special? 

I think its main success is offering a very strong interpretation of Made in Italy, bringing together all the connotations of quality, refinement and attention to detail that that label entails. 

What would you say is the secret behind Monnalisa’s enduring success and popularity?

Founded in 1968, our brand has always stood out because it has interpreted a contemporary romantic aesthetic that has won over children and their mothers.

 As a family business, how does this influence the brand’s identity and decision-making processes? 

The brand is the result of the entrepreneurial inspiration of my father, Piero Iacomoni, and the styling skills of my mother, Barbara Bertocci. Their values permeate the company, which has always shown that it is capable of adapting its structure and moving with the times. But family values remain a beacon and a guide for us all.

Diletta Iacomoni
Diletta Iacomoni

What inspires the designs and collections at Monnalisa each season?

Creativity is a state of mind that requires a great deal of discipline. My team is made up of more than 35 people, each as exceptionally talented as the last. We bring together everything that stimulates us from an aesthetic point of view: fashion trends, art, travel, culture. It’s a creative process that ends with the demanding work of creating a new collection that is both faithful to the Monnalisa style and also surprisingly new. 

Monnalisa boutique Bal Harbour shops

 What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs looking to start a career in children’s fashion?

I think this is a particularly difficult industry, given new demographics, fast fashion, stringent safety regulations and management of size development. Passion will not suffice; anyone hoping to work in this industry must acquire solid skills and be open to digital technologies, including AI, which can help manage the new challenges… 

Could you share with us your top five favorite pieces from the new collection?

My favorite pieces are the ones for teens: I particularly like cargo denim trousers, paired with a collared poplin shirt and candy pink houndstooth spencer! But of course our heritage centers around romantic formal dresses and our classic model, the Saint Tropez. 

You will be showcasing the new SS25 collection at the Children’s Show in New York. Do you find the US kids’ fashion market differs significantly from the European market?

The main difference relates to occasions of use: in Europe and some other areas of the world there are many family, religious, and social occasions that create the need for elegant clothing. In the US, on the other hand, requests for dailywear are more frequent. The ranges on offer at department stores are therefore specific and different. 

How do you envision the future of the retail and fashion market, particularly in light of recent trends and changes?

2024 saw interest in the return of ceremonies and we were ready: our company was among the first to create specific capsules for religious ceremonies and has for years created top-quality Chic and Couture lines for occasional wear.

You can discover the new MONNALISA SS25 collection in New York at the Children’s Show on July 29-30, 2024

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Pictures used in article:

Concept, style, photography: Aleksandra Ataca

Model: Emily Vladi represented by Beyond Beauty Agency


Location: Bal Harbour Shops, Miami.

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