Introducing Doodle Do

blog trends fb doodledoThis week I’m super excited to introduce ethical brand Doodle Do.
Doodle Do designs have sprung from a whole family working together and the wild imaginations of the children in the family. Quite simply this is a clothing label designed with the help of kids for kids and this is evident in the colourful and fun aesthetic that characterises the brand.

Doodle Do is very much a family business, involving almost every member of the family. Designed for children from 3 months up to 6 years old Doodle Do is all about having fun in colourful and comfortable clothes. 

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The clothes are super comfortable and wearable, ideal for active children who just want to run and play.  The collection include rompers, shorts & quirky t-shirts with playful prints and designs.

The designs are non conventional.  Prints include parrots, dragonflies and even the odd piranha printed in bold colours. Doodle Do clothing is imaginative, quirky and what really shines through is that children have been involved in the design process and that it is their imagination which has inspired all of the collections. 

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Doodle Do clearly designs with children in mind and has created multiple collections of fun non-gender specific clothing, and what they consider to be particularly important is letting kids imagine with no pre-conceived notions, believing that everything and anything is possible and this comes across so clearly in the designs.

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What I particularly love about Doodle Do is there strong environmental ethos, encouraging a love of nature and our planet. All the clothes are made from organic materials and Doodle Do tries to engage with little ones and their parents to become more aware of environmental issues that affect the garment industry.

All of Doodles Do’s clothes have a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) an international certification for organic garments meaning every aspect of there products have been created ethically which is better for the environment and also your childs sensitive skin.

So to keep you little ones entertained over the summer holidays check out Doodle Do’s website:

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