Chit Chat Tuesday: Meet Clara Fonseca, the founder of Isa&Mimi.

Meet Clara Fonseca, the founder of Isa&Mimi, a clothing brand for girls aged 6 to 12. Isa&Mimi is a brand that embodies romance, sophistication, and timeless elegance, crafted for girls who revel in the joy of dressing well. Proudly rooted in Colombia, Isa&Mimi’s designs are of the highest quality, perfectly meeting all the charming demands of a young girl’s life.

Each Isa&Mimi garment enriches a girl’s dreams, with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that ensures they last for generations and transcend fleeting trends. The brand was born from a heartfelt moment when Clara’s daughters, Isabel and Miranda, wished for dresses that made them feel both fancy and trendy. Disappointed by the market’s offerings, Clara, a devoted Colombia-based mother, channeled her passion for design into creating Isa&Mimi, bringing to life a brand that beautifully merges tradition with modern flair.

Isa & Mimi

JS: To start, could you tell us a bit about Isa&Mimi? What sets your brand apart in the world of kids’ fashion?

Clara: Isa&Mimi stands out for its high quality and detailed craftsmanship. Each garment reflects the elegance and romanticism of Colombian women, blending tradition with the latest trends. This makes our pieces unique in children’s fashion.

JS: That sounds wonderful. Can you share the story of how Isa&Mimi began?

Clara: It all started with my daughters, Isabel and Miranda, who inspired the brand’s name. Their vibrant personalities and attention to detail made me want to create dresses that made them feel special and modern. When I couldn’t find suitable options on the market, I decided to create Isa&Mimi. Our brand combines classic sophistication with a modern touch.

isa and mimi

JS: Where do you usually source your design inspiration for Isa&Mimi? Are there specific themes or elements that consistently influence your creations?

Clara: The primary inspiration comes from my daughters and their vibrant energy. I also draw inspiration from the nature, flowers, and gardens of Colombia, incorporating sweet and delicate details into our collections.

JS: What motivated you to start designing clothing specifically for children? Are there unique challenges or joys in working with children’s fashion?

Clara: The motivation came from wanting to offer my daughters clothes that were both elegant and comfortable. Designing for children presents unique challenges, such as ensuring comfort and durability, but it also brings great joy. Seeing girls feel confident and happy in our garments is incredibly rewarding.

JS: Can you tell us about a favorite piece from your brand?

Clara: One of my favorites is the Alya dress. It encapsulates the personality of Isa&Mimi: romantic, self-assured, and determined. This dress blends tradition and modernity, made with the highest quality and attention to detail.



JS: How would you describe your personal style? Does it influence your designs for Isa&Mimi?

Clara: My style is a combination of classic elegance and contemporary touches. This approach influences my designs for Isa&Mimi, where I strive to create clothes that are both sophisticated and modern.

JS: Who are your style icons, both past and present, and how do they inspire your work for Isa&Mimi?

Clara: My style icons include Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway, known for their elegance and distinctive style. The sophisticated and modern style of figures like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy also inspires me. These influences help define the identity of Isa&Mimi.

JS: What is your favorite place in the world?

Clara: My favorite place is undoubtedly Colombia. The cultural diversity, vibrant landscapes, and rich history of the country are a constant source of inspiration for my designs. Every corner of Colombia offers something unique that motivates me to keep creating.

JS: Where do you envision Isa&Mimi in five years? Are there any exciting plans or developments on the horizon for the brand?

Clara: In five years, I see Isa&Mimi as an internationally recognized brand, appreciated for its quality and timeless design. We have exciting plans, including expanding our product lines and collaborating with other designers to innovate and always offer something new to our customers.


JS: What message do you hope to convey through your brand’s clothing?

Clara: Through Isa&Mimi, I want to convey a message of confidence, elegance, and appreciation for beauty and quality. I hope our garments inspire girls to dream big, feel confident in themselves, and value tradition and craftsmanship in fashion.

Interviewer: How do you view social media, especially platforms like Instagram, in the context of your brand? Is it a source of love, hate, or a mix of both?

JS: Social media, especially Instagram, is an essential tool for Isa&Mimi. It allows us to connect directly with our clients and share the story and process behind each garment. While keeping up with content creation can be challenging, overall, it is a source of love that helps us build a community and receive valuable feedback.

Isa & Mimi

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