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On September 9th 2016, Amanda Rabor from Isossy Children presented her SS17 and Denim collections at a special event at Go Studios East, NYC, to coincide with the start of New York Fashion Week.

Opting not to use a traditional runway, Amanda and her team created a more intimate presentation which was interactive with models standing on gold podiums, posing and having fun whilst the guests (which even included P Diddy’s gorgeous twin girls!!) were able to view the models dressed in the designs from the new collections.

Scroll down to view some behind the scenes images and the presentation.


Isossy NYC Fashion Show Autumn 2016

Isossy NYC Fashion Show Autumn 2016

Isossy NYC Fashion Show Autumn 2016


Isossy create culturally infused couture collections for kids, delivering a message of  modern heritage in high end fashion. The collections bring fierce individuality through vivacious colour and textile prints all made by the Brand.

Amanda Rabor, the designer has harnessed the skill of reinventing and refreshing the Isossy collections into a global fashion brand for kids that inspires the confidence, individuality and self belief of children growing up and living in our diverse world.

The textile prints for both the SS17 collection and ICDC (Denim Collection) are culturally infused with hints of African graphics and Inuit artwork.  This is what formed the basis of bringing modern heritage and cultural eclecticism to the New collections.


Scenes from the Presentation.

Blog ISOSSY NFW presentation


Blog ISOSSY NFW presentation


Blog ISOSSY NFW presentation


Blog ISOSSY NFW presentation


Blog ISOSSY NFW presentation


The ICDC17 collection draws on Amanda’s historical references of the late 60’s and 70’s NYC but with modernity and edge. Patchwork effects with 3 colours, red stitching zips, gold silk to layer and embellish the designs are the main features of this collection. The shapes in the ICDC17 collection are boxy and simple with short lengths that can be under-layered with shorts or leggings. There are also a couple of unisex pieces and boys styles in the collection.

“In times of change and diverse living, fashion can reflect diverse cultures for up and coming generations to own, to claim and to wear in everyday life. The designs are for the new global citizens of the world” says founder Amanda Rabor.


View the video below to get a feel for the NYFW presentation and unseen behind the scenes footage.

Photographs RSL Models Photography @rslmodelsphotography & @youngstrs.

Stylist Kiki Tillman from @stillsize2 | Hair by @brownskin_danie | Creative Assistant Denise Rabor @wowbeaute

Visit JuniorStyleLondon on Instagram for the full run down of gorgeous models who participated in the presentation.


Shop the Isossy current collections HERE.

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