Jacadi, take part of the French Fashion game.

blog af jacadi intro 20150112-171812 1Some brands have taken such a big part in your Childhood so it’s not without emotion that you will dress your kids in them. Jacadi, is one of these authentic and timeless brands that have become a reference in children’s fashion.

The brand name is really meaningful as it refers to a children’s game called “Jacques a dit”. In the game, there is a leader who gives command to a group. The group needs to follow the command as long as it’s preceded by the phrase “Jacques a dit…” If the command is not preceded by the phrase, the participants don’t do anything. However, if they do it, they are eliminated from the game.

So to take part of the French fashion game, you need to get your “Jacadi”.

For children from 2 to 12 years, Jacadi inspired by the French “Golden Age”/ “La Belle Epoque” reinterprets traditional French dressing.

blog af jacadi golden-age Timeless cuts are enhanced by sophisticated materials. Delicate finishes and details complete the silhouette.

blog af jacadi timeless-cut

 The use of soft colours and Liberty prints add to the beauty.

blog af jacadi soft-colours

blog af jacadi-liberty

What’s your favourite fashion brand from your Childhood?

This week Jacadi is available on TendreDeal Boutique. Be tempted by an amazing Jacadi outfit for your child.

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