Jacquemus ‘MINI ME’ Collection for Stylish Family Bonding.

jacquemus mini me kids collection

Just in time for the festive season, Jacquemus, the renowned French fashion house, has launched  ‘MINI ME’ collection, a delightful ensemble tailored for the youngest members of the family. This charming collection mirrors some of Jacquemus’s most iconic designs, offering a perfect opportunity for parent-child twinning

The ‘MINI ME’ collection brings to life the relaxed yet chic silhouettes that define the Jacquemus brand, now reimagined in sizes catering to children aged 4 to 12 years old. Imagine your little ones donning shrunken versions of your favorite Jacquemus outfits, creating adorable moments of fashion harmony.

The campaign, beautifully captured by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, showcases children wearing oversized renditions of the collection’s pieces. It playfully alludes to the whimsical scenario of children raiding their parents’ closets but with a stylish and contemporary twist.


jacquemus first kids collection

One of the standout features of this collection is its vibrant color palette. Shades of red, tan, brown, and pink infuse a lively yet sophisticated charm into each garment. From petite t-shirts to hoodies and bucket hats, the ‘MINI ME’ collection encapsulates the essence of Jacquemus’s aesthetic, now tailored for the younger audience.

A surprising and elegant addition to the collection is the inclusion of paint-splattered button-downs, perfect for special occasions. For more casual days, zippered cargo pants and shorts in earthy tones cater to the adventurous spirit of little explorers. The denim workwear in pink, cinched tops, and striped shirts add variety, ensuring there’s a stylish piece for every occasion.


jacquemus mini mi first kids collection

Accessories play a key role in completing the ‘MINI ME’ look, with fringed hats that not only add a stylish edge but also offer sun protection. The attention to detail in each piece reflects the thoughtful design approach that defines the Jacquemus brand.

jacquemus first collection for kids

Collection is available at official website jacquemus.com

jacquemus mini me kids collection

The ‘MINI ME’ collection is now available on jacquemus.com, providing an opportunity for parents and their little ones to indulge in the joy of shared fashion moments. Elevate your family’s style game this festive season with Jacquemus’s chic and adorable ‘MINI ME’ collection, where fashion knows no age boundaries.


jacquemus mini me


jacquemus mini me

jacquemus mini me


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