Jimi Hendrix Fashion Inspo from Collezioni Bambini

Jimi Hendrix Inspo from Style Piccoli

It’s hard to imagine, but Jimi Hendrix—considered by many to be the greatest guitar player ever—spent a mere four years in the spotlight, before his premature death at 27 years of age. His musical legacy continues unabated to this day— and thankfully, so does his fashion sense. Perfecting the quintessential ‘festival’ look, we’re pleased to present Collezioni Bambini’s Jimi Hendrix, a rock n’ roll fashion editorial that will get you thinking about your own festival plans (they’re coming up sooner than you think!). Keep reading for 5 styling tips to recreate these looks for yourself or your little ones!

1. Get out those jackets—military-stye coats, army jackets, and school boy blazers are the perfect topper to give your outfit that little counter-culture edge (bonus points for velvet).

Jimi Hendrix Inspo from Style Piccoli

2. Put something—anything!—in your hair. A scarf, braided headband, or bandana should do the trick but topping things off with a wide-brimmed hat is another alternative.

Jimi Hendrix Inspo from Style Piccoli

3. Statement jewelry is a non-negotiable; chunky rings, over-sized bejeweled pendants, and generally anything with natural stones or feathers captures the tribal vibes of a late sixties rocker.

Jimi Hendrix Inspo from Style Piccoli

4. Pattern play is a sure way to get the  look—this is not the time to be conservative about matchy-matchy colours either! Have fun, and get a little wild with textures, too, mixing wool, leather, cotton, and corduroy.

Jimi Hendrix Inspo from Style Piccoli

5. Fringe is synonymous with the late 60’s love fest look. Also in this category is faux fur, or Mongolian sheep’s wool if you’re so inclined!

Jimi Hendrix Inspo from Style Piccoli

Jimi Hendrix Inspo from Style Piccoli

Jimi Hendrix for Collezioni Bambini

Photography: Marco Tassinari

Styling: Petra Barkhof

Grooming: June Sawyer

Production France



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