Junior Style Friday Style Feature – Part 2

Junior Style Friday Style features models selected from our recent model search sharing with us their #jrstylefridaystyle.

Please note the Junior Style Model Search Projects are fun features where, on the whole, parents have taken the images of their child as we wanted to create some projects which our followers could be part of and have fun with their parents creating the image for their feature. 

Scroll down to view our Friday Style feature…..

Junior Style Friday Style Kids Style #streetstyle #kidsmodelName: Tiger Lim
Age: 8 years old
Instagram: @little_tiger_hongkong
Location: Hong Kong
Agency: None
Photographer: Ms. Shin Sun Hye
Who inspires Tiger? BTS (K-pop idols), Wang Yibo (Chinese actor) & Demon Slayer (Japanese animation)

Name: Nell L
Age: 9 years old
Instagram: @nellusia01
Location: Chicago, ILL, USA
Agency: The Rock Talent Agency
Photographer: @newlifeway1994

Junior Style Friday Style Kids Style #streetstyle #kidsmodel Name: Scarlett Rousset
Age: 14 years old
Instagram: @scarlettrousset
Location: London
Agency: Grace & Galor
Photographer: Emma Wright Photography
Who inspires you? ‘Olivia Rodrigo’, as I want to be a singer like her

Junior Style Friday Style Kids Style #streetstyle #kidsmodel Name: Archie Singh Swali
Age: 8 years old
Instagram: @archiesinghswali  
Photography: Parent
Agency: Ray & Robin
Location: Suffolk, England

Junior Style Friday Style Kids Style #streetstyle #kidsmodel

Name: Angela
Age: 12 years old
Instagram: @savelevangel09
Location: Moscow
Agency: @bright_kids_models @siriusstar
Photographer: Brisuela Nataliya (Mom)
Who inspires you? For this, I was inspired by the #jrstylefridaystyle hashtag.

Junior Style Friday Style Kids Style #streetstyle #kidsmodel Name: Hunter Reign Watson
Age: 4 years old
Instagram: @Hunterxrhylee_nymm  
Location: NYC
Agency: New York Models
Photographer: Oluyemi Nnamdi

Junior Style Friday Style Kids Style #streetstyle #kidsmodel

Name: Khyanne Davies
Age: 10 years old
Instagram: @khyanne22
Location: Birmingham, UK
Agency: Signature Models and Acting agency
Photographer: Deanne (Mother)
Who inspires You? “I’m inspired by people who are happy to be who they are.

Junior Style Friday Fashion Style Post

Name: Lucas Hsuan
Age: 12 years old
Agency: New York Models Kids
Instagram: @lucashsuan
Location: New Jersey, US
Photographer: XW Photography Lucas’s mom
Who inspires you? Connor McDavid

Junior Style Friday Style Kids Style #streetstyle #kidsmodel

Name: Noemi Riitano
Age: 15 years old
Instagram: @noemi.riitano_official
Location: Bologna, Italy
Agency: SQ Kids
Who inspires you? Noemi is inspired by herself.

Name: Emma Sharp
Age: 12 years old
Instagram: @emma_s_model
Location: Paris
Agency: Les Mômes Paris
Photographer: Nadia Sharp (parent)
Who inspires you? Emma loves fashion and is inspired by Paris



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