Editorial: Winterlight by Emily Hlavac Green.


Editorial: Winterlight by Emily Hlavac Green.

Winter light possesses a unique and enchanting quality that sets it apart from the soft glow of other seasons. In the colder months, the sun hangs lower in the sky, casting long shadows and imparting a gentle, diffused illumination to the world. The daylight takes on a cool, crisp tone, enhancing the clarity of the atmosphere and highlighting the intricate details of the winter landscape. As the sunlight filters through bare branches and reflects off snow-covered surfaces, it creates a serene and tranquil ambiance. Winter light has a magical ability to transform even the most mundane scenes into a sparkling spectacle, adding a touch of wonder to the chilly days and long nights of the season.

Emily Hlavac Green

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kids fashion blog

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junior style kids fashion blog magazine

Emily Hlavac Green

junior style

Winterlight fashion editorial credits:

Creative team:

Photographer: Emily Hlaváč Green

Stylist: María Montané

DP: Ben Bloom

MUA/Grooming: Carissa Swany

Photo Assistant: Yekaterina Gyadu

Stylist Assistant: Eliza Boddy


Paxton and Ivy

@ STATEmgmtkids

Flora and Mia

@ NewYorkModelsKids

Brands: Tia Cibani, The Animals Observatory, A Monday in Copenhagen, Suuky, Coco Au Lait, Blanc Hats, Fish and Kids, Milk Teeth, The Middle Daughter, Givenchy, Lets Chill, Bonmont Organic, Cult Gaia, Super Smalls, Longlivethequeen, Gingersnaps, Tangerine

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