kid’s wear Launches New Lifestyle Magazine kid’s wear Living

kid's wear launches new lifestyle magazine kid's wear Living

The esteemed children’s fashion publication kid’s wear magazine has just launched a brand new lifestyle publication: kid’s wear Living. Featuring interviews with creatives behind the best design minds in children’s lifestyle products today, kid’s wear Living is rather like an apartamento magazine for children’s toys, travel, architecture, and interiors.

The inaugural issue of kid’s wear Living is now available for free download and features a wonderful interview with Piero Lissoni and Feruccio Laviani, two of the incredible designers responsible for the brilliant line of futuristic childhood staples like the rocking horse, race cars, and table and chair sets for Kartell Kids.

Lorenza Luti, Kartell Marketing Director says of the distinguished line, ‘With respect for objects designed for the very young, the recreational and creative component is of primary importance and has to go hand in hand with functionality’. They definitely succeeded!

Also noteworthy is Patricia Mezzazanica’s interview with Marketing Director of the Battistella Group about Nidi—the Italian furniture producer that creates veritable dreamscapes for children’s interiors. If you haven’t yet discovered Nidi, you are in for a treat: ‘Nidi—Design Space for Children came into being in 2013 based on the experience of young architects that married the heritage of the Battistella company to a highly innovative and practical design content: planning the space where infants and then older children could live and grow just as they were inside a nest (Italian nido).’

Perhaps the highlight and most apartamento-esque feature of kid’s wear Living is the peek inside a unique family home. “Family Affairs” is an intimate portrait of the creative lifestyle of the Calisti family, who make their beautiful home in Pavia, Italy. Their swoon-worthy home is everything you’d expect from an architect and gallery owner/interior designer and their children!

Download kid’s wear Living HERE for free!


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