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Complete your outfit with one of these ‘Cool Extras’ accessories, from some of my favourite Korean brands. Your littles will love these fun accessories.

1. Forget the weather. Sometimes, hats are more about form than function. This lightweight Blue Dog pointy beanie can be worn straight into summer!

2. As social media has taught us all, there are faces other than smiley ones. Like this guy, who sits centre stage on Merciu’s bestselling fuzzy ballcap.

3. When you can’t tell time, but need a cool watch anyway. Talescoop’s striped fabric bracelets have easy button snaps and are available with either Spade or Heart patches.

4. Do you remember ironing patches onto your denim jacket and book bag? These fun little junk food themed embroidered patches by R:Robot are actually pins – how cool!

5. Check out this high-shine silver metallic bag! The front of the bag shows off Talescoop’s heart and spade theme, with contrasting navy patent leather on the back and blue and white striped lining inside.

6. We love this kids’ tote bag by Blue Dog! It has both hand straps and an adjustable shoulder strap that can be tucked in when not in use. Plus, more cute patches!

7. NEOPOP is seriously one of the freshest kids brands in Korea. Just look at this old-school denim snapback covered in cool patches!

8. We round out our list with Blue Dog’s silver glitter slip-ons,  And as if all this bling was too basic, this pair features cute junk food embroidered patches!

Which is your favourite item from our Cool Extras selection?  We love Korean brands do you have a favourite brand?


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