La Cité des Enfants Perdus

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La Cité des Enfants Perdus originally appeared in Binky Magazine and caught our eye for the brilliant styling and industrial backdrop. All photos are graciously republished here courtesy of photographer  Jade Warne of Hipster MumWe were lucky enough to track down these three gorgeous sibling models and get the backstory from their mum, Erica Nolan, on what it’s like juggling three rising stars.

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JS: What is your affiliation with Binky magazine?

EN: Estella won a worldwide cover competition with the magazine. Binky put us in contact with the photographer (@hipster_mum) and we flew up to Sydney from Melbourne and did the shoot on Cockatoo Island.

enfant perdus 3

JS: How did the kids get into modeling?

EN: Milla who is my youngest, and now seven years old, started modeling at four. She had immediate success with many of the top brands in Australia and has done numerous catalogues, commercials and major campaigns.

Milla has worked for Myer, (a major department store in Australia), Bardot Junior, Witchery, Kmart, and Target. You can see all her work on her instagram page, @Milla_nolan_official

Due to Milla’s success and how much she enjoyed it I also got Estella, 9 (@Estella_nolan_official) and Oskar (@Oskarnolan_official),12 with the agency.  They too have had an amazing run of work with top Australian labels and campaigns.

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JS: Apart from La Cité des Enfants Perdus, have the kids worked all together before? How do they all get along?

EN: Witchery booked all three kids together for their Summer 2015 campaign. The kids get along very well together on shoots and in real life!

JS: What agency do you work with?

EN: The kids are with GIANT Junior, which is the junior division of GIANT management, one of Australia’s top agencies.

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JS: What is the most challenging thing about being a mum to three child models?

EN: It can be tough juggling working and taking them to jobs and castings. If it’s a big campaign I take annual leave and if it’s a smaller one, my mum helps. The kids just love it though and are all set up as their own business.

They are learning great skills for the future about being professional, being on time, listening, and taking direction. Of course they also practice using good manners at all times and about banking their money. They can’t touch their earnings until they are 16 years old but I do let them withdraw $100 at Christmas time to buy what they want.

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Thank you so much, Erica!

Credits: All clothing NuNuNu except Utility Patch jacket by LTD Style. Models Estella, Milla, and Oskar Nolan. Creative direction by MFPR, art direction by Yeara Chaham and photography Jade Warne.


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