La Queue du Chat celebrates its 10th Birthday

blog af laqueueduchat introI started my “Tendre Deal” journey to find French Children’s brands with high values, that opted for quality rather than quantity, that are providing sustainable products for your kids in the best condition possible, that have a real human story to tell.
However, taking the sustainable route is a huge challenge. Using resources in a way that does not impoverish the planet for the next generation & adopting fair-trade practices has a cost. That’s not always easy to survive in a very competitive market but that’s not impossible.

Best evidence of this is that ‘La Queue du Chat’ who are celebrating its 10th Birthday this year.

Two French Designers Anne-Charlotte and Helene founded the children’s clothing brand in 2005 based on two key basic principles: producing clothing that are 100% Organic and Fair Trade.

La Queue du Chat, that’s 10 years of Friendship!

In 2005, Anne-Charlotte & Helene visited for the 1st time India and met Amit who was starting his manufacturing business and sharing the same values as the two ladies.

Anne-Charlotte & Helene

In 2006, the 1st collection is available in boutiques across France.


Today, that’s still a small family feel business but with a truly global reach, available on all 5 continents


La Queue du Chat Team

La Queue du Chat, that’s 10 years of Style and Humour!

Anne-Charlotte, co-founder said “La Queue du Chat is all about a world of unique creatures and creations that are full of fun and mischief, all with a range of bright colours that liven up the full range of items we produce for every collection.  I think that what our customers love in our creations is the harmony between our ‘French touch’ and the fun prints. I love designing beautiful clothes that are a celebration of childhood.”


La Queue du Chat, that’s 10 years of Organic Cotton and Fair Trade practices.

In 2007, La Queue du Chat begins supporting an orphanage in India close to its production facility. The well-being of their producers & artisans are key and they makes sure they get a fair wage, an equal pay, access to qualified jobs and medical insurance (FLO certification).

La Queue du Chat & Children in India

In 2010,  Xavier takes over Quality Control through regular visits to the production facility. All the clothes are made from organic cotton (certified GOTS) with no chemicals or pesticides to avoid any allergic reactions and respect the environment.

blog af laqueueduchat organiccotton

The Cotton Plant

In 2013, more than ever La Queue du Chat feels fair trade is the ONLY trade.


La Queue du Chat manufacturer in India

Hélène, co-founder said “2013 was a very painful year for Bangladesh, and raised awareness of low-cost productionmethods used by many retail brands. At La Queue du Chat, the production facility we work with is GOTS certified, and the cotton we use is certified FLO. Yet the best certificate of all is this: to really know the people involved in the manufacturing of an item. We know the production facilities; we go and work there several times a year. We have also met the dyers, the yarn producers and the cotton growers. We know each other, we know how everyone works, we trust each other. There is no obscure intermediary, no distant subcontractors. That’s the best certificate of all!”

La Queue is 10 years on and still going strong! Keep an eye on that brand!

This week, to celebrate his 10 years Anniversary, La Queue du Chat is on Tendre Deal with up to 70% Off!

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