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blog lattjopopLattjoPop – a one of a kind family hub coming to London.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Isra Al Kassi for over two years now and this young entrepenuer, a single mother of one, a beautiful boy Zach, is very inspiring to all young mothers, how Isra juggles so many projects, being a mum, studying, a business and a job,  i will never know.  I really admire Isra so I am therefore more than happy to support Isra in her next adventure.

After running the successful online retail store on her own, Streathamite Isra Al Kassi has decided to expand on the idea of Scandinavian influenced family products with LattjoPOP.

Isra says ‘There’s a lack of permanent places for families. Thanks to the strong community spirit in Streatham, Lattjo is the perfect place for a hub, catering to parents and businesses.’

With a successfulI Indiegogo campaign, the first of Isra’s Lattjo Pop up’s can be set up in SW London in June 2014.

The Indiegogo campaign asks for £ 5500 and ends on the 20th of May.

For now the premises has been secured from June to August, the more money raised through the Indiegogo campaign the longer Lattjo will be able to run for.  With the remaining money the well equipped café and a fresh and well maintained playroom can be put in.

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Many family friendly cafés are cropping up around London, but Lattjo is taking it to the next level.  The premises is a 512 ftq space in Streatham, South London which in its three rooms will encompass a playroom occasionally transformed into a crèche and supervised by CRB checked and experiences childcarers.  It will have a café which can be rented fully equipped by any home bakers, cupcake makers or juicing enthusiasts wanting to try out their product and services on the high street.

blog lattjo popupcafeThe retail spot will have rails and shelves ready for any crafters, designers or retailers of any kind to showcase their products and sell at a family focused platform.  Furthermore, Lattjo is the space for anyone who has dreams and but is lacking in funds.  Anyone who has ever wanted to run a film club, a book reading club, or those parents in self-employment providing workshops and more.   The possibilities are endless.


blog lattjopopup 1This is a not-for-profit organisation and Isra has pledged to contribute with the rent through hiring a rail for LatteMama at LattjoPop and volunteering will be encouraged to keep costs down.  Monies made by those who rent the space are theirs to keep, and any money which Lattjo makes goes straight back to into the community centre.

The perks offered to contribute to the project start from £3. One weeks rental of one of the spaces from £45, a meeting room is offered for £100 for half a day and tickets to the midsummer launch event on the 20th of June are available.

Lattjo will be a haven for families, for babies and for tired carers. It is a new way for parents in business to network, socialize and promote their brand and LattjoPopStreatham is hoped to be the first of many more.

The campaign can be found on

Please contact Isra Al Kassi on for any questions and more information.

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