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Well, it’s been a manic couple of weeks over the Easter period. I have been on day trips, visited family, done Easter Egg Hunts, dressed up as chick, been to my first Easter party – I could go on for hours. Anyway it’s back to a bit of normality and as I went wild on colour last week I’m toning it right down to more of a NEUTRAL colour this week and trying to relax a little.

These Pants are so laid back they are nearly horizontal. Comfy and trendy = perfect combination, can be dressed up or down = the best versaitile pants around. I’m starting to feel chilled already. £35.00b2ap3_thumbnail_bobo-choses-baggy-pants-toasted-3013251-0-1392372618000.jpg

So Simple but speaks volumes! An easy tee with a punchy slogan, love it. Little Harper Beckham has been sporting the Gardner and the Gang collection lately so you really will be up there with the best of fashion and glamour in this t-shirt. £22.00


These crinkle cut biscuit shorts just REEK of summer. They are just so chic with the scallop hem and side pockets. You will be floating along this summer and ooooozing coolness £45.00


Summer playtime fun. There are some fab variations of this playsuit that I just love, but this one shouts class. It’s edgy but also unique with it’s old school 3 stripe look – rocking. £33.00


I don’t know how I keep finding these unreal jackets but here’s another (she faints with excitement) – this has to be the ultimate bomber, aptly called the BOMBSHELL. It’s covered in gold dots which are just totally gorge…… it’s a little pricey but this is special, METALLIC MAGIC at it’s best. £100

b2ap3_thumbnail_no_added_sugar__Bombshell__Gold_Spot__69483_std.pngHave a great week all you gorgeous fashionistas xxx Love Ax

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