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In such a competitive industry, it’s always great to be able to discover a childrenswear brand with a real point of difference. One of the many things we love about Lucypeachslice is the deep thought and creativity behind every piece. Launched in 2013 and inspired by photographs of real life scenes and decor, Lucypeachslice’s prints really are one of a kind. Lucypeachslice recently decided to brand out in to womenswear and debuted her first capsule collection in SS16

We had the opportunity to catch up with the founder and designer, Emma Prigmore recently to find out a little bit more about how this spectacular brand came to be and what the plans are for the coming season.

J.S: How did the brand get its name?

E.P: I can’t remember what age I was when we got my first pet, but she was guinea pig who I was allowed to name. I think my younger cousin must have been flavour of the month because, although she did not resemble her namesake, it must have been a fondness for her that made me choose Lucy. I’ve no idea where this guinea pig came from, but she arrived one day in a cardboard box that had once held tinned peaches and so, she affectionately became know as Lucypeachslice. When choosing a brand name, it seemed fitting to use this because I was designing clothes for young girls.  The downside is that everyone assumes my name is Lucy!

J.S: Your Spring/Summer 2016 collection was inspired by the New York Plaza Hotel, what makes this particular location significant?

E.P: My mum is American and so the country as a whole holds many fond memories of my childhood. We spent long summers in Washington DC with my beloved grandmother. For my 40th birthday, my mum took me to New York and I wanted to use something from that trip as my inspiration for my first collection.

J.S: Have you got a favourite piece from the collection?

E.P: For the girls, it has to be the Gladys dress. It’s been really popular as I think It is easy to wear and yet a little bit special because of the cotton silk fabric. For women, the Plaza cape is my favourite, because it’s been the perfect summer cover up for everything from a bikini though jeans and a t-shirt to a dress. SS16 was a capsule collection and I really loved all the styles.



E.P:  You can view Instagram Influencer Nikki Nielsen and her daughter wearing some of the designs here.

J.S: Are there any exciting new plans in the works you can tell us about?

E.P: Lots and lots and lots! I am spilling over with ideas which can be a problem as I need to stay focused! I am really proud of the AW16 collection which is just out, and I am taking part in SAFW16 (St Albans Fashion Week) at the end of October. For SS17 there is something really new and exciting on the horizon, but you’ll just have to watch this space!



J.S: You’ve spoken about gaining inspiration through photographs you take on your travels, how do you know when you’ve found exactly what you’ve been searching for?

E.P: I like making the ordinary extraordinary but a lot of what I produce is the result of a happy accident! If I set out with the intention of creating something specific, it often doesn’t sit right. Allowing myself to be free from those restrictions and just play with the image, results in fabrics that I like and that feel right for the collection.

J.S: How do you then turn these ideas into designs?

E.P: As I mentioned, there are a lot of happy accidents in my method of working! I use Photoshop to create a renewed and unexpected version of the photograph I have taken. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn’t. I have to abandon some ideas because more times that not, I don’t have the luxury of being able to go back and reshoot the original subject to get a different angle or in a different light.


J.S: When you aren’t busy with Lucypeachslice, how do you like to spend your time?

E.P: I have three gorgeous children who keep me busy, which sounds like a cliche but is very true. I do love to shop and I’m very good at it and I can binge on Netflix with the best of them! My ideal day would be a day out in London shopping, followed by an early bath, pyjamas, a cup of tea and my laptop in bed. Rock and Roll!

From Tuesday 11th October until Tuesday 18th October 11.59 GMT Emma is offering 25% off the new collection.  Use promo code AW25 at the check out to obtain your reader offer.


Shop the AW16 Lucypeachslice womenswear and girls clothing designs here.


Image of SS16 designs of Nikki Nielsen courtsey of @nikkinielsen

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