Lulu Stars: Luxury, Boho Clothing for Little Girls

Junior Style Chit Chat Tuesday interview Series - Australian Brand Lulu Stars #kidsfashion #australianbrand #boho

Catering for babies up to 12-year-olds, Australian brand Lulu Stars are leading the way with their boho, chic designs for little girls. Specialising in hand-finished, high-quality pieces that can be passed down through generations. Clothing for ‘little dreamers and believers’.

We got the chance to catch up with Katrina, one of the designers for a quick chat about the new collection ‘Go your own way’ and their upcoming plans.

J.S: We absolutely love the Boho vibe of Lulu Stars, can you tell us more about where the inspiration behind each collection comes from?

Katrina: Thank you! The boho vibe springs from where we live – Byron Bay, Australia and the general way of life around here. I have two young daughters who are 5  & 8 years old that we muse most of our collections on. Firstly, we take notice of what they are into and what they like wearing, things they like doing etc. However, firstly I have to picture the photo shoot concept in my mind. Once I imagine who that little girl is, what she likes doing, where she goes and what she wants to wear, then the photo shoot comes together in my head like a little movie and then I start to sketch.

Choosing the colour palette comes next and then the prints and selecting the fabrics. It really all slots in quite easily from there and the hard part is actually having to keep the collection to around 40 pieces!! We then bounce ideas off each other and whilst I work mainly on the 2-12yrs range, Carly now does the babies – 2yrs range.

Junior Style Chit Chat Tuesday interview Series - Australian Brand Lulu Stars #kidsfashion #australianbrand #boho

J.S: Are there any exciting plans in the works for Lulu Stars in 2017? Can you let us in on any in on any insider secrets?

Katrina: Ooh yes! Carly had a baby girl six months ago so a natural progression just blossomed into a baby range now in the works for us and we are also excited as we have a few pieces we have designed for the mum’s to wear which will be released later this year! We have also recently collaborated with fellow brand (also from Byron Bay) Fallenbroken street for some really cool kids hats. Carly and I are heading to LA next month for a photoshoot and some meetings and have some really fun things to look forward to this year.

Junior Style Chit Chat Tuesday interview Series - Australian Brand Lulu Stars #kidsfashion #australianbrand #boho

J.S: Why is hand finishing the Lulu Stars garments so important to you?

Katrina: Many of our pieces are finished by hand, be it with beading or embroidery or decorative stitching. Even most of our knit pieces this season were done by hand. We just love how authentic a piece becomes knowing that the finish has been done with great pride, care and consideration by the artisans that do this for us. It really makes us treasure those pieces even more just knowing the time that has gone into making it. We try to never be considered as ‘fast fashion’ as it’s something we feel very strongly about so knowing our pieces have these little details added to them that make the pieces special and keepsakes makes us really happy!

We aim to produce beautiful quality pieces that will last and will be passed through generations. Always where possible, we use organic fabrics and only produce these items through certified GOTs factories where we know the workplace is a pleasant, safe place for the staff and all employees are treated ethically and paid fairly.

Junior Style Chit Chat Tuesday interview Series - Australian Brand Lulu Stars #kidsfashion #australianbrand #boho

J.S: What lead you to venture into the world of children’s fashion?

Katrina: I have always been very interested in kid’s fashion and I studied fashion design and textiles at school. I’m from a line of seamstresses so my knowledge of fabrics, design and garment construction was something I learnt very easily from a young age.

Junior Style Chit Chat Tuesday interview Series - Australian Brand Lulu Stars #kidsfashion #australianbrand #boho

J.S: Byron Bay is on my list of “must visit” destinations, what’s the best thing about living in such a beautiful part of the world?

Katrina: Oh yes you must visit here one day! Carly and I were both lucky enough to both grow up and go to school here and I think the best part is just the endless inspiration you get from being in a town of so many creatives that live or pass by through here and that combined with the natural beauty of the beaches and surrounds makes it the most incredible place to be! Byron has this most indescribable vibe and once people come here, they never want to leave!

There are some big major players in the fashion world that are based here now and for the same reasons I’m sure, it’s just a wonderful lifestyle mixed with an inspiring creative energy and beautiful beaches! />

Junior Style Chit Chat Tuesday interview Series - Australian Brand Lulu Stars #kidsfashion #australianbrand #boho

J.S: On a Sunday morning what could we generally find you doing?

Katrina: When we first started Lulu Stars we used to work/answer emails, 7 days a week but as we both have husbands and young kids we have now made it a rule that we have Sundays off to relax and have time with our families! So a Sunday morning is usually breakfast at a cafe in Byron Bay followed by a swim in the ocean and then catching up with family or friends!


You can shop the latest Lulu Stars collection here.  Katrina and Carly are offering all our readers 30% off their order this week only.  Use code YAY30 for 30% off.



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