Max Mara Kids Teddy Coat MAX_MARA_KIDS_TEDDY_COAT #maxmara #teddycoat #maxmarateddyten #tenyears #kidsfashion

Fuzzy and enveloping, the Max Mara Teddy Bear Coat is like a hug you never want to end. In the big wide world, where no one is grown up enough not to need something to cling to, it is the perfect protection. And, this autumn, everyone’s favourite fashion Teddy is celebrating a big birthday. 2023 marks ten gloriously chic years since the Max Mara Teddy Bear Coat became the bear most beloved by well dressed women everywhere.

Max Mara Kids Teddy Coat MAX_MARA_KIDS_TEDDY_COAT #maxmara #teddycoat #maxmarateddyten #tenyears #kidsfashion

Since its catwalk debut in 2013 this plush, camel, faux-fur, cocoon-cut cover-up has enjoyed the status of icon. For stars of the red carpet and smart women the world over it remains the perfect expression of playful glamour. To celebrate, Teddy is going on a Great Big Global Fashion Adventure. Coming soon to a city near you will be some unforgettable interactive installations.

Their cuddly bear can’t wait for his Global Fashion Adventure and has an agenda full of fun, games and, of course, photo opportunities for all visitors.

At the same time,, along with key stores in 10 cities worldwide, will present product designed exclusively for this special occasion. A new Sparkling Teddy Coat in camel color or white will join the fuzzy fashion family. And, for the first time ever, there will be the Mini Teddy Coat for girls aged 5-12 with matching must-have accessories from adorable mittens and ear muffs to fluffy hats with teddy bear ears. After all, why should mum have all the fun?

Max Mara Kids Teddy Coat MAX_MARA_KIDS_TEDDY_COAT #maxmara #teddycoat #maxmarateddyten #tenyears #kidsfashion

This spectacular 10th Anniversary of the Teddy Bear Coat will be supported by a dedicated advertising campaign shot by Tyler Mitchell and featuring Mariacarla Boscono who wears the iconic coat and spreads the message that is the mantra of every self respecting icon: “I was, I am, I will be”.

So, make a note in your diaries, fashion fans, because this autumn, we are all going on a very special bear treasure hunt. And stay tuned for all the news.


Max Mara Kids Teddy Coat MAX_MARA_KIDS_TEDDY_COAT #maxmara #teddycoat #maxmarateddyten #tenyears #kidsfashion

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