Meet French Brand Jack n’a qu’un Oeil, Rock can be Soft!


When we talk about French Style, we often refer to classic, timeless & chic clothing such as the classic Breton stripes, smocked dresses, the Claudine collar…but French fashion has much more to offer. We also have a fair amount of unorthodox brands and I am glad to present one of those today: Jack n’a qu’un oeil.

Who’s Jack? He is the French agitator of Jersey clothing and bedlinen.

The 2 designers of that brand, Alexandra Tibourcio De La Corre and Véronique de Semlyen have always been working with Jersey cotton for other important fashion brands. They have decided to create a brand 100% Jersey cotton with some personality.
That’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll brand, which doesn’t forget that children’s clothing needs to be super soft and comfy to move freely, with ease.

What does Jack n’a qu’un Oeil mean? Jack has only one eye because he is different and proud to show it.

Jack n’a qu’un oeil uses Jersey in all shapes and forms: Braided, overstitched, embroidered, with classic and also modern cuts.


1. Jack n’a qu’un oeil Pink Picabia T-shirt with Zebra print, Pink Klimt shorts with Zebra print.
2. Pink Magritte dress with military print.

Graphite dominates and the rest the palette of colours is subtle and delicates.  Let’s the wild side of your child shine!

1. Jack n’a qu’un oeil Red Picabia T-shirt with Zebra print. 2. Black Picasso T-shirt with Lion Print.

You sometimes need to get closer to discover the print/patterns which give edge to the outfit. That definitely Rock!


1. Jack n’a qu’un oeil Graphite Turner T-shirt with Blue skull, Blue Rothko Bermuda shorts.
2.Graphite Pollock sweatshirt with Red Zebra print, Graphite Klimt shorts with Zebra print.

The animals are omnipresent in some collection. Watch out for the Lion!


1. Jack n’a qu’un oeil Green Picabia T-shirt with Lion print.

2. Blue Picasso T-shirt with Lion print.

Get a little closer and you will see the amazing details.


 Jack n’a qu’un oeil Zebra, Skull and Lion print.

Jack n’a qu’un oeil is not just a clothing brand. It also offers a wide and interesting range of bedlinen.


This week, discover Jack n’a qu’un oeil childrenswear on Tendre Deal Boutique.

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