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We are so happy to have Kymberly Marciano, Editor-in-Chief of the acclaimed Mini Maven magazine as our guest in this edition of Chit Chat Tuesday. Kymberly graciously shares with us her career trajectory in fashion—an impressive range of roles from model to photographer and creative director—as well as her love of family, and her dedication to children’s charities. This is truly a woman of many talents, who wears many hats. Enjoy!

JS: You’ve been working as a photographer/creative director for several years. What prompted you to dive in and create your own magazine?

KM: Photography took flight when my first child, Ella was born, just over 21 years ago (gasp!) It wasn’t until my second child Nicolai was about 5, that I honed in on my niche, and was full swing shooting children’s advertising campaigns. Over the years my love and passion for kids grew—as did embracing the directors seat. I enjoy creative direction as much, if not more, than pushing that shutter button.

JS: You have three children: what are their ages and do they participate in the shoots?

KM: My daughter Ella is 21 and a college graduate, something I am extremely proud of as I never went to college myself. My eldest Son, Nicolai is 20 years old and has embraced the fashion industry full force and has been working in design, advertising, product development for over 2 years and has just returned from Florence, Italy. (Thank god, because I miss him like crazy), My youngest, Grayson is 10, All of my children have been featured in ad campaigns as well as fashion editorials internationally.


JS: Tell us about your philanthropic work.

KM: I am a advocate for several organizations locally here in Los Angeles making a HUGE difference in children’s lives. I am a founding member of the Everychild Foundation, and I co-chair an awesome comedy event for The Alliance for Children’s Rights—the next one will be in October. I am also involved in an organization called Children Mending Hearts.

KM: Do any want to follow in your footsteps with a career in fashion?

KM: For now, I would say Nicolai is the leader of the pack and am excited for his future.

JS: You had a very long career as a model before moving to the other side of the lens—how does your experience in front of the camera inform your work now?

KM: Honestly, I don’t think I would be as detailed or well versed had I not been on the other side. There is a innate understanding of your team, models and all the strings attached. Being immersed in this industry from all sides for certain has its benefits as well as its creative curses! I do know that working with small children, tweens and teens brings me so much joy and I can 100% relate to how they feel whether its nervous, confident, shy, all very understandable emotions, it is important to me they are having fun and its a positive experience.


JS: Who are your own personal style icons?

KM: Grace Kelly & Talitha Getty

JS: Would you say that your personal style has evolved over the years or have you always known what you like and stuck to it?

KM: I am always classic with a twist. If I could live year round in resort wear I would.

JS: How do you spend your down time?

KM: My retreat in Mexico & yoga. I need to be near the ocean and sunsets.

marciano 12

JS: When you were a young girl, did you always want to pursue fashion? How did you first get into the business?

KM: YES! I was scouted in Orange County probably in a shopping mall! I moved to LA with my Dad, within a year was living in Europe, and never looked back.

JS: Do you have any special projects you can tell us a little about coming on the horizon?

KM: Several collaborations are in the works and I can say we are heading to the East Coast come this fall, so stay tuned!

marciano 13

JS: What does Mini Maven uniquely bring to the children’s fashion space?

KM: A expressive photographic journal! Our Featured Editorials have shoppable links to our amazing contributors and brands. The digital space is ever changing and we want this to be an easy go to for parents and kids to discover brands & lifestyles that inspire. We love to discover new brands as well as brands that are mindful about the quality not quantity.

JS: What would you say you are most known for?

KM: Thats a good question!! Some may say a mother, children’s advocate, & friend, but If I had to choose: in the industry I’d say my work as a photographer has led me to where I am now as an editor and creative director.

JS: Just for fun: what are you listening to and/or reading right now?

KM: I LOVE CHILL & Lounge music. Spotify is my idol!!! I can create playlists and have them anywhere I go, its amazing!


JS:. What inspires you as a photographer?

KM:Nature, children and my travels abroad.

All images courtesy of Kymberly Marciano.

From top to bottom and left to right:

1. Kymberly Marciano, model. 2. Kymberly Marciano, Editor-in-Chief Mini Maven magazine with husband Evan Strauss and son Grayson. 3. Kymberly Marciano, philanthropist, with daughter Ella, 21 and son, Nicolai, 2o. 4. Kymberly Marciano, photographer, with a young Gigi Hadid. 5. Kymberly Marciano, mother, with son Grayson in New York City. 6. Kymberly Marciano, Creative Director, on set. 7. Kymberly, in meditation in Careyes, Mexico.8. Kymberly Marciano, wife, with husband Evan Strauss. 9. Sunset, Careyes


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