Model Feature: April’s Top Ten Models

In November 2020 the Junior Style team held our first model search to support our wonderful community and at the same time bring a little fun and excitement to our followers as many of our followers that are models had not worked since the pandemic. The Model search was well received and gave many one-off opportunities to our followers to be featured on our platform which then led to some fantastic outcomes for a great number of models featured, so in March 2021 we decided to hold another search so we could help many more models in their journey.

We are really happy to see how models have supported each other during the model search and it brings us great joy to hear of the opportunities that the models featured so far have gained through the exposure on our platform.

Scroll below to view our Top Ten models for April……

Model Feature: April’s Top Ten ModelsName: Alexis Leigh Palmer @alexis.leighofficial
Age: 12
Country: UK
Agent: Bonnie & Betty
Photo credit: Shelley Oxford Photography

Model Feature: April’s Top Ten ModelsName: Anaya Barnes @anayatheodoreworld
Age: 8 years
Country: UK
Agent: Urban Angels
Photo credit: FayAndrea

Name: Brayan Vignoni @brayan_model_baby
Age: 4 years
Country: Italy
Agent: Casting kids studios
Photo credit: Barbara Gallozzi @imagevents

Model Feature: April’s Top Ten ModelsName: Briana Wong @briana_wong_official
Age: 13
Country: USA
Agent: Generation Model Management
Photo credit: Dani Diamond

Name: Brigette Cozaris @brig3tt3cozaris
Age: 12
Country: Australia
Agent: RPR Talent Management, ATA Acting Studio, The Little Model Club, Sugar Kids
Photo credit: Melissa Horton

Model Feature: April’s Top Ten ModelsName: Pacifico Allocca @pacifico_model
Age: 8
Country: Italy
Agent: Casting Kids Studios, Modamoda Agency
Photo credit: Santangelo Studios – Brand: Daniele Alessandri

Model Feature: April’s Top Ten ModelsName: Kate Vance @kateelizavance
Age: 11
Country: Australia
Agent: Bayside Talent
Photo credit: Melissa Horton

Model Feature: April’s Top Ten ModelsName: Sydney~Lake Bradley @sydneylake_2013
Age: 8 years old
Country: USA
Agent: LA Models Youth
Photo credit: Lydia Canbakal

Name: Riley Gallivan @riley.gallivan
Age: 6 years old
Country: USA
Agent: STATE Management, Kids x Ohlsson
Photo credit: Jenni G Kids Photography

Name: Walhin Sacha @sophie_dache
Age: 6
Country: Belgium
Agent: Smiling Agency
Photo credit: Fatima Cherkaoui


Child modelling can give both parents and their child a chance to experience a unique opportunity, work with some big brands, save for their future, meet some new friends and most importantly, have fun.


We will be holding another model search soon.  To be kept up to date on the details of opportunities to be featured on our website, sign up HERE.



View more Model Features HERE.


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Please Note: Due to the pandemic some of the images of the children shared in this feature have been shot remotely via FaceTime.







Photography supplied by each young person and credit given underneath image – All rights reserved.

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Please do not reproduce without permission.

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