Model Feature: Junior Style Friday Fashion – Part 1

The Junior Style Friday Fashion project features models selected from our recent model search sharing with us their #jrstylefridaystyle

During the pandemic, the Junior Style team have been creating projects which our followers can be part of and sharing them on our blog.  The Model Search projects are fun features where, on the whole, parents have taken the images of their child for the feature. Models and their parents have worked together and had some fun creating the images for their features.

We hope you enjoy our Friday Fashion feature.

Scroll down to view some Friday Fashion…..

Junior Style Friday Fashion Feature #kidmodel #kidsfashion#fridaystyle #kidsstyle

Name: Tara Mina C
Age: 9 years old
Instagram: @tami_ck
Agency: Sugar Kids, Momo
Location: Germany, Cologne
Photographer: Mom
Who inspires Tami? Tami is inspired by French and Korean styles. Tami loves casual but still chic.
An indispensable part of the wardrobe is the hat.

Junior Style Friday Fashion Feature #kidmodel #kidsfashion#fridaystyle #kidsstyle

Name: Jessica Montanari
Age: 9
Instagram: @jessi_em_style
Agency: Babyfashion Italy
Location: Italy
Photographer: @novaolga_photography
Who inspires Jessica? Jessica was inspired by the movie (Breakfast at Tiffany’s).
The black bag is the creation of Jessica, her first bag created and produced by her.

Name: Aprayer Grant
Age: 7 years old
Instagram: @aprayersworld
Location: London

Name: Petra & Geva Foster
Age: 8 years old
Instagram: @petraandgeva
Agency: Rebel 19
Location: Liverpool
Photographer: @willowindiephotography
Who inspires Petra & Geva? Mummy

Name: Niccolo Mangani
Age: 6 years old
Instagram: @niccolomda
Agency: Casting Kids Studios, Italy
Location: Italy
Photographer: Francesca d’Amato
Who inspires Niccolo? My natural inspiration comes from my strength of freedom and desire, from music and mixing elements of sound and rhythm. I am inspired by travelling and my dreams. I’ve found the luggage in a little street full of newspapers from 1945, these have inspired me.

Junior Style Friday Fashion Feature #kidmodel #kidsfashion#fridaystyle #kidsstyle

Name: Zack James Richards
Age: 10 years old
Instagram: @z_richards10
Agency: South Coast Kidz
Location: London
Photographer: Mum @Browncandy70
Who inspires Zach? Marcus Rashford inspires me as he’s a brilliant footballer, he gives a lot of his money to charities to help other people. One day I would love to be in his position and be able to give to less fortunate people.

Junior Style Friday Fashion Feature #kidmodel #kidsfashion#fridaystyle #kidsstyle

Name: Mya-Rae Casey
Age: 10 years
Instagram: @mimi_poses
Agency: N/A
Location: London
Photographer: N/A
Who inspires Mya-Rose? My Grandad; as he had heart surgery and since coming out of the hospital, he is so much more active and that has inspired me to become more active!

Name: Kylie Stephanie Correa
Age: 6 years old
Agency: Casting Kids Studios
Instagram: @kyliestephanie_correa
Location: Italy
Photographer: Mother
Who inspires Kylie? My inspiration is my mom because she taught me always to be a good kid.

Name: Natalia Austin
Age: 14 years old
Instagram: @n.austinherraiz
Agency: Tiny Angels
Location: Isla Canela, Spain
Photographer: N/A
Who inspires you? My Godmother, because she battles every day against the effects of her stroke with astounding positivity and strength. She continues to brighten the days of everyone around her, even if she isn’t feeling as good. I hope to be as strong-willed as her always!

Junior Style Friday Fashion Feature #kidmodel #kidsfashion#fridaystyle #kidsstyle

Name: Ella Sinding
Age: 12 years old
Instagram: @ellasinding
Agency: Sugar Kids
Location: Denmark
Photographer: Mum
Who inspires you? Many people – I often look at Instagram to find inspiration! Actually, the weather inspires me a lot. In Denmark, we have snow, rain, sun, warm and cold. I always check the weather before choosing my outfit. I like white, as in this photo, as it is nice and clean. Always remember sneakers.

Name: Gabriella Margaret Symonds
Age: 14 years
Agency: Pixie Child Models, London
Instagram: @gabriellasymonds_
Location: Frinton-on-Sea Beach
Photographer: Mummy (Helen Symonds)



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