Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Bella Alexandra is a 9-year-old aspiring actress and international model. Born in Cape Town, South Africa and currently living in Lisbon, Portugal, Bella was initially turned down by many Agencies. Her story is of perseverance and a deep, unrelenting belief in herself that finally led her to be signed and landing international campaigns, after five years of rejection and no callbacks. Bella has dreams to become a renowned Actress on the big screen. Bella enjoys being a Role Model to young girls, encouraging them from all walks of life to not give up on their dreams and to not take rejection personally.

Bella’s most important message is “to always be yourself”.

Scroll down to get to know this talented young lady a little more…….

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Monday Model Feature: Bella Alexandra

Q & A with Bella:

Which modelling agency are you represented by? Kate Model Kids in Portugal and for the rest of the world Sugar Kids.

Who represents you with regard to acting? I have received offers for representation by Talent Managers but we haven’t made the decision yet, it will be finalised in the next few weeks and then I’ll share the news with you first.

Why did you decide to start modelling? For the longest time, I have wanted to be an actor. In Portugal, it is hard for me to act on TV because I am not yet fluent in Portuguese. So, I decided to start modelling since I love fashion and its a universal language. Then modelling ended up getting me noticed by casting directors for TV in other countries which is cool.

What is the best part about being a model? I love being on set. Each set I go to becomes like a new family, I meet so many cool people from all over the world. I also love that smaller kids are starting to write to me saying I am their Role Model. I love that. I think being a Role Model has become the most important thing to me over everything else.

Was there any standout or funny moments from your shoot with Elliston? When I learnt that Elliston has shot Gigi Hadid I was kinda starstruck. I think he saw that and then he told me how nice Gigi is and what a kind person she is and then I felt much better. There was also this one time when I was sitting in this cool olden day car and I was wearing winter clothes and the L.A sun was so hot. He kept making me laugh to forget how hot it was and it worked, I think we got some awesome shots in the car. I feel so lucky to have shot with one of the best fashion photographers in the world and I cannot wait to do it again.

Which was your favourite outfit from the shoot with Elliston? The Tutu Du Monde lavender dress was my favourite and I got to pair it with the coolest cowboy boots. I love cowboy boots.

Which is your top fashion magazine/blog? Junior Style London – for real, you are my BFF (Best Fashion Friend Forever). I have you saved as a favourite on my tablet.

Which are your favourite fashion brands? I love all the InStyle Kid brands they offer especially DKNY and Karl Lagerfeld. But, I also really love wearing other brands like MDD Fashion Kids, It’s In My Jeans Denim, Melis Kaptanoglu, Diesel, Guess Kids, Apocalypto Kids, Molo… I don’t know, it’s really hard to choose. If the clothes are comfortable and they look good then I love them, its a bonus if they care for the environment too.

Which models do you look up to for inspiration? Definitely supermodels Gigi Hadid and Faith Lynch. I was so lucky in L.A – Faith drove out to meet with me. We chatted over a spaghetti Bolognese and a couple of Hangman games. Faith gave me so many tips about the industry, what to look out for and what to remember. I’m so grateful for her and still cannot believe she took this time for me.

Who is your favourite actor and actress and why are they your favourite? I have two: Victoria Summer and Emma Watson. Both have starred in some of my favourite movie franchises: Transformers & Harry Potter. I love how Emma Watson started acting young and then became a role model. I also love that she is into girl power and is a fighter for human rights. And Victoria Summer is not only my favourite actress but she is also a Role Model for many young actresses and has become a personal Mentor of mine. Whenever I watch Victorias movies I always pause the scene I like and then try and act it out like her, she is an amazing actress, model and singer and she has the kindest heart. Victoria often sends me private notes encouraging me and when I was in L.A Victoria introduced me to her Manager Mr Steve Owens. Even though Mr Owens does not represent kids, he took the time to meet me for Cheesecake and gave me so many industry tips and advice. I will always be thankful to Steve Owens and it is all because of Victoria. This industry is not as easy as it looks so to have her support me means the whole wide world to my heart. Sometimes I think I am dreaming that someone so famous and successful like Victoria takes the time to be kind to me and mentor me. Also, Victoria helping me has inspired me to help others.

What is your favourite item in your closet? I’m really into denim at the moment. My go-to is denim shorts, a plain tank and my “Next Big Thing” denim jacket by Its In My Jeans Denim. I’m usually barefoot, but if my mom says I have to then I wear my Stella McCartney cowboy boots with everything. I’ve never worn a pair of shoes like these boots.

What are your hobbies? I love watching movies and I take my movie watching seriously. If I like a movie, I’ll watch it a second time and try and think about how they made it and also pause the movie and try to act the scenes out if I like the character. I also love sports. I love horse riding, tennis and riding my bike. I’ve also started private acting coaching with Lisa London in Los Angeles.

Which languages do you speak? English is my first language. I am learning Portuguese and I speak a little Dutch, Polish and Swedish.

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? I really get upset when people use plastic that they don’t need to, like straws – or when I unpack my online orders and they covered in so much plastic. I wish all plastic to be banned and not just dumped in our ocean. My second wish would be to be able to teleport and my third to know if Aliens are real (but only if they’re nice).

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? I can’t choose just one, they are all equally important: Victoria Summer, Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson, and Ellen DeGeneres.

What is your biggest dream? To win an Oscar one day.

What is the last book you read & film you saw? The film was Family Reunion and the book was Sisters By Raina Telgemeier

What is your favourite track on your playlist?  Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift.

Can you give us a rough guide to the modelling work you have participated in so far and any other achievements outside of modelling etc? This year has been very busy so far, I modelled for Maisonnoée Kids Berlin (AW19/20), Mees Netherlands (SS19), Bo-bell Shoes Europe (SS19), Ativo Kids (AW19/20), Patachou (SS20), MDD Fashion Kids (AW19/20) and I headline the worldwide campaign for Lion of Porsches AW19/20. I just got back from LA and NYC and reported on the red carpet at KidzCon, walked the runway for Carebears special collab with brands like Zara and Claires Stores and I also went to Cologne in Germany to walk the runway for Karl Lagerfeld and DKNY at the InStyle Kid Fashion Show for AW19/20. And there has been so much more. Everyone says I work hard, but I don’t see this as work. I don’t know how anyone can call this work – this is FUN, but I have to always make sure I am keeping my grades up, and for that, I am really proud of myself.


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Bella Alexandra Model Feature Crew Credits:

Photography: Elliston Lutz @ellistonlutz

Styling: Melinda Van Atta @thehalstonette

HMUA: Beauty by ELSA using Oribe Hair Care & It Cosmetics”

Model: Bella Alexandra @bellaalexandras





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