Monday Model Feature: Martina Moya

Monday Model Feature: Martina Moya

Seven-year-old Martina Moya has been modelling since she was four years old and featured in brand campaigns, walked in fashion shows and featured in television commercials.

Martina is from Valencia, Spain and loves nature and animals, with science her favourite subject at school.

Martina is currently preparing to play small roles as a child actress and takes acting classes.

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Monday Model Feature: Martina Moya

Monday Model Feature: Martina Moya

Which modelling agency are you represented by? I am represented by several agencies, including Happy Kids, based in Spain.

Who represents you with regard to acting? I am represented by several agencies, including River Kids fiction

Why did you decide to start modelling? I had a great time being in front of the camera and I liked to see the result afterwards.

What is the best part about being a model? There is not just one, however, what I like the most is the number of friends I have made over the years.

Which has been your favourite shoot to date? My best photo sessions are always when I coincide with my friends and favourite photographers and they make me laugh and have fun like with Gabito Roh.

If you could work with any brand which would be top on your list? One of my favourite brands would be to be able to work for Zara or an international brand like Gucci.

Which is your top fashion magazine? Since I was little, I liked to look at Spanish fashion magazines like Elle or Vogue with my mother, we love looking at our favourite magazines together.

Which are your favourite fashion brands? I am not into a specific brand as I like to combine basic garments with other more sophisticated ones to create different looks.

Which models do you look up to for inspiration? Because of my physical features, Russian models are very similar to my style and one of my favourites is Milana Mostoyava.

Who is your favourite actor and actress? In Spain, one of the best child actresses is, without a doubt, Luna Fulgencio, who, in addition, I have been lucky enough to meet her in some shootings.  I love her naturalness and spontaneity.

What is your favourite item in your closet? My wardrobe is full of many clothes but what I have learned from my mother for a good look are the accessories and, among them, especially, the shoes. They are never enough and they help a lot to give different styles to the same look.

Who is your role model? Milana Mostoyova

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? 1. Become a mermaid, 2. Be able to fly with a parachute and, 3. Speak all the languages of the world.

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? One of the people that I would love to meet in person would be a Youtuber Sandra Cires Art that I have followed for a long time.

What is your biggest dream? Right now my big dream would be to travel to Mexico, I am in love with the country and I watch a lot of YouTube videos on Mexico.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Until a while ago I was practising rhythmic gymnastics but I couldn’t dedicate all the time it required, so I had to quit and now I really enjoy Hip Hop, funky and aerial dance.


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Represented by @happykidsmodels



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