Monday Model Feature: Tima Tyurin

Monday Model Feature: Tima Tyurin

12-year-old Tima lives in Russia and loves being in front of the camera. Tima hopes to become a successful model and actor and meeting his hero rapper Morgenshtern!! Tima has a number of extracurricular activities and currently studies dance, theatre, has vocal lessons and plays the drums and the piano. The 11-year-old is very active and plays a variety of sports and takes part in pole gymnastics.

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Monday Model Feature: Tima Tyurin #KidModel #modelfeature #timatyurin

Monday Model Feature: Tima Tyurin #KidModel #modelfeature #timatyurin

Monday Model Feature: Tima Tyurin #KidModel #modelfeature #timatyurin

Which modelling agency are you represented by? Tima is not currently represented by an agency and we wait and look for one that we feel is a good match.

Who represents you with regard to acting? Tima currently attends one of the most prestigious acting schools in his city but is not represented by one in particular.

Why did you decide to start modelling? I love being on camera and behind the frame. It is very fun and enjoyable for me.

What is the best part about being a model? I highly enjoy photoshoots and being able to take photos in exciting locations. I hope to one day make it my career.

Which has been your favourite shoot to date? It is hard for me to pick a favourite shoot because I enjoyed them all very much. They were all exciting.

If you could work with any brand which would be top on your list? I would love to work with Gucci. I love their style and I have their beanie and slippers like Morgenshtern.

Which is your top fashion magazine/blog? Vogue

Which are your favourite fashion brands? Dolce & Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, Guess and Gulliver

Which models do you look up to for inspiration? David Gandy because he seems to be real and enjoy what he does. Sometimes you feel that some models do not enjoy what they do.

Who is your favourite actor and actress? What is it that you like about them? Arnold Schwarzenegger because he plays all of his parts very well and you can feel it in his films. Julia Robert’s because she is so sincere in all of her roles. She has won many awards for it.

What is your favourite item in your closet? My fur-lined coat from Gulliver is my favourite because of where I live I must wear it a lot and it fits me well.

Who is your role model? Morgenshtern, because he has made many businesses from his success but does not deviate from his path and remains sincere to his music and work.

Do you speak any other languages?  I currently speak Russian and I am learning English.

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? To meet Morgenshtern, live in Dubai and find a way to make everyone happy in life

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? Morgenshtern

What is your biggest dream? Become a famous model and actor and be able to live a successful life doing it.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I have little spare time because of school and extracurricular activities. When I do have spare time I enjoy playing GTA.




Follow Tima on Instagram @tima_tyurin to keep up to date with his work.


Photographer: Andre Glukhov

Manager: Darcy Trett @d4rcy_t




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