Monday Model Feature: Veronika Kichigina

Monday Model Feature: Meet Teen Model Veronika Kichigina

Meet 13-year-old model and actress Veronika Kichigina from London, UK.  Veronika is represented by South Coast Kids and has already worked with some Russian Fashion brands and is keen one day to work with high-end fashion labels such as Dior & Gucci. Veronika attends the Sylvia Young Theatre School and has already featured in several films.  The talented thirteen-year-old loves to sing, play the piano and enjoys creative writing in her spare time.

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Monday Model Feature: Meet Teen Model Veronika Kichigina

Monday Model Feature: Meet Teen Model Veronika Kichigina

Which modelling agency are you represented by? South Coast Kidz

Why did you decide to start modelling? From a young age, I was extremely interested in fashion and design. I collected photos of interior designs I liked and I made paper outfits for my dolls. I also really liked dressing up in bright colours – I feel I can express myself in this way – and taking photos of myself posing in front of the camera. When I was 10 I persuaded my mum to book me a professional photoshoot to boost my confidence. This was so much fun for both of us that we did several more photoshoots and soon after I got accepted by my first agency.

What is the best part about being a model? All the lovely people you get to work with and learn from, trying out a wide selection of cool clothes plus the amazing photos I get to be a part of.

Which has been your favourite shoot to date? My favourite was a vintage Dior photoshoot for Creators Magazine. I loved the style of the dresses and the matching set design as well as how beautiful the pictures turned out.

If you could work with any brand which would be top on your list? I like the style of Dior, and also Gucci as their adverts are bright and look like they would be fun to be a part of in the modelling team.

Which is your top fashion magazine/blog? I regularly watch the British Vogue YouTube channel.

Which are your favourite fashion brands? This varies as I like so many styles, but I always like Prada accessories. I have found Zara clothes really comfortable when I have worn them for photoshoots.

Which models do you look up to for inspiration? I look up to Cara Delevingne, Adriana Lima and Claudia Schiffer for inspiration.

Who is your favourite actor/actress? Zendaya because she is a very confident and intelligent actress who can portray different characters very well.

What is your favourite item in your closet? Black sweatpants because they are comfortable and go with everything!

Who is your role model? Gigi Hadid – I am inspired by her because she’s always smiling, laughing and remaining positive also she is very successful in what she does.

Do you speak any languages? My first language is English but I also speak Russian because I was born there and my family is from Russia.

What other talents do you have? I take singing and piano lessons and attend a Sylvia Young Theatre School. I also play chess and netball

What are your favourite subjects at school? Art, sport and English and enjoy doing creative writing in my spare time.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I’m very creative, I have always loved drawing and making different crafts. I’ve been reading a lot of new books recently.

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?

To always be healthy, to travel the world and become a top model

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

I would love to meet the Queen and congratulate her on her Platinum Jubilee.

What is your biggest dream? I would like to become a well-known model and travel the world


To keep up to date with Veronika follow her on Instagram @_ginger.nika_



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