Monday Model Feature: Zara Sichani

Monday Model Feature Zara Sichani #mondaymodel #model #feature #kidmodel

11-year-old Zara Sichani, from Victoria/Vancouver, British Columbia started modelling at age 4. The aspiring model and actress has featured in a number of films, commercials, as well as featuring in print magazines and on the runway for several key fashion labels.  At the age of 10 years old Zara featured as a lead role in the film Aperture (IMDB 2018) from which she won two awards for Best Young Actress from Oniros Film Award of Aosta, Italy and IndieShortFest of LA International Film Festival. The Middle School student loves to sing, ice skate and play tennis

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Monday Model Feature Zara Sichani #mondaymodel #model #feature #kidmodel

Monday Model Feature Zara Sichani #mondaymodel #model #feature #kidmodel

Monday Model Feature Zara Sichani #mondaymodel #model #feature #kidmodel

Monday Model Feature Zara Sichani #mondaymodel #model #feature #kidmodel

Monday Model Feature Zara Sichani #mondaymodel #model #feature #kidmodel

Q & A with Zara:

Which modelling agency are you represented by? Kids Talent Agency

Who is your acting agent? Jeffery Winkler

Why did you decide to start modelling? I started modelling and acting at the young age of 4.  I love doing mix & match of clothes and trying new styles, to be photographed, and to see myself in magazines, billboards, catalogues, and do catwalk on the runway.

What is the best part about being a model? I feel good when I wear different types of wardrobe for different seasons and occasions, to be made up in hair and makeup, and to be photographed and filmed.  It is like acting, too.

Which has been your favourite shoot to date? My favourite shoot definitely is this one, the “Steampunk” professionally created by Derek of Drock Photography, mentored by my agent Jeffery, with wardrobe styled by Mom Georgina, for Junior Style London.

Was there any standout or funny moments from your shoot with Derek? Before every shoot inside Derek’s studio, I always check my phone for notifications inside the dressing room.  Because we have to rush to the outdoor shoot location, I forgot where I placed my iPhone.  So I lost it.  Maybe I dropped it when we were carrying our stuff to the van on our way to the location shoot.  It’s a lesson for me to be more careful with my belongings at work as a model.

If you could work with any brand which would be top on your list? Louis Vuitton

Which is your top fashion magazine/blog? Junior Style London

Which are your favourite fashion brands? Louis Vuitton, Brandy Melville, Aritzia

Which models do you look up to for inspiration? Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Winnie Harlow

Who is your favourite actor and actress? My favourite actress would definitely be Milly Bobby Brown of “Stranger Things” as she is an amazing actress.  Milly has achieved a lot for an actress of such a young age. My favourite actor would probably be Matt Leblanc of “Friends”.  I think he does such a great job portraying any character he is given.

What is your favourite item in your closet? Definitely my denim jean jacket.  I love how it can go with any outfit and it’s very comfortable.  It looks super cute, too.

Who is your role model? A huge role model for me is Winnie Harlow, a popular Canadian fashion model who is not afraid to be herself and is confident and stunning on the runway.

Do you speak any languages? I can understand most of “Tagalog” (the native Filipino language/dialect of the Philippines, where I was born) but I cannot speak it.  My Mom is Filipina and my Dad is Persian. English was my first language because the Philippines is basically an English speaking country.  I’m in the middle of learning French.

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be? My first wish is for my half-brother to move to Victoria/Vancouver.  Second is to have a dog.  I would specifically like a Bichon Frise.  My third wish would be to travel across Europe. I have never been to Europe and I’ve always wanted to go.

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? I would love to meet Ellen Degeneres as she is really a natural comedian/host in her Ellen Show.  Most importantly, Ellen has done a tremendous job in helping the lives of many people through charity in her show and making people laugh & entertained.

What is your biggest dream? My biggest dream is to be successful one day in modelling & acting. I hope to make a living out of it.

What are your hobbies? I love to play Tennis, Sing, Act, Model, Ice Skate & Swim

What is the last book you read & film you saw? The last book I read was “Explorer” by Katherine Rundell, and the last movie I watched was “Justice League”

What is your favourite track on your playlist? Literally, any song by Khalid is amazing, but my favourite song from him would be “Location”.


Follow Zara Sichani on Instagram @zarageorginanikousichani




Zara Sichani Model Feature Crew Credits:

Photography: Derek Noort

Styling, HMU: Georgina Sichani

Model: Zara Sichani, follow Zara on Instagram here.  Agent – Jeffery Winkler



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