KIDS COUTURE MOURÈNNE: Where the Magic Begins.


MOURENNE: Where the Magic Begins. Haute Couture label for kids.

American couture childrenswear label MOURÈNNE made its debut at the New York Kids Fashion Week last month. The satellite show organised by Global Fashion Collective, which was part of the official New York Fashion Week calendar, saw a host of mini models showcase MOURÈNNE’s couture collection of hand-crafted dresses.

Inspired by the heartwarming memories of her own cherished childhood and the profound artistic influence of her exceptionally creative mother, Jessica Gould’s soul ignited with a passionate purpose—to bestow her beloved daughter, Giselle, with an extraordinary world of wonder, where dreams mingled with reality, and fairytales danced upon the edges of imagination.

MOURÈNNE, a unique and enchanting children’s couture brand, is capturing the hearts of parents and fashion enthusiasts alike with their exquisite designs and dedication to creating a world of dreams for little girls. Founded by Jessica Gould, MOURÈNNE is a testament to the power of a mother’s love and the desire to create something truly magical for her children.

Jessica embarked on a journey to bring fairytale-like creations to life for her daughter, Giselle. Unable to find the clothing pieces she envisioned, Jessica took matters into her own hands, spending countless hours designing, patterning, and sewing. The results were breathtaking, and soon, other parents began inquiring about where they could find such enchanting outfits.

This overwhelming response led Jessica to start a small business, which she eventually closed to prioritize her role as a mother. However, as Giselle grew older, she expressed her desire to revive the brand, eager to contribute to the vision that had once inspired her. Together, they embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary. If they were going to do it, they would give it their all.

What sets MOURENNE apart from its competitors is its commitment to infusing every piece with magic and wonder. Each MOURÈNNE style is considered a piece of art, capable of transporting a little girl into a world of her own imagination. The brand uses only the finest materials and trims, including specially created silk solids and unique prints developed exclusively in their atelier. MOURENNE dresses are fully lined with Swiss batiste or silk, and meticulous attention is given to hand-stitched details, resulting in true couture craftsmanship. Their embroidery appliques are individually hand-sewn using exclusive silks, authentic Austrian crystals, freshwater pearls, and 14k gold beads, ensuring the utmost in quality and elegance.

Discover the world of MOURENNE and follow them on their journey to where the magic begins. To learn more about their exquisite designs and to share in the awe and wonder they inspire, visit their website.

MOURÈNNE is opening its first standalone boutique in Aspen, Colorado in December. The boutique is located at 431 E Hopkins Avenue alongside retailers including Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton, with further international store openings planned for 2024.


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