Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

Vivi Design Studio aims to elevate children’s wear to a realm of thought-provoking, creatively classic, and everlasting design while fostering discovery, acceptance, and expression of self.

Below we present the Vivi Design AW21 collection, Mystical Nature.

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

Mystical Nature, the collection for the new season is born from the designer re-connecting with nature more during the pandemic and re-living her fond childhood memories of growing up in a house in the middle of the woods and as a child exploring the woods and creek behind the family home. The sights, sounds and smells of nature have inspired this collection.

Inspiration for this collection comes from things that occur naturally but feel magical or otherworldly— rolling canyons, tonally changing agate stones, the cosmos, and the metamorphosis of insects.

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

The collection features tailored, adjustable, and comfortable silhouettes perfect for any nature explorer.  The majority of the collection is gender-neutral – the flight suit, overalls, hoodies, pants, sweaters, and more can be worn by any gender identity.

One of the goals of Vivi Design is to empower kids through fashion. This season, the Oxylus Sweater (above) has strong, powerful shoulders, while still being soft, comfortable, and approachable. Our Positive Message hoodies have a note to the wearer on the wrist, easy to visit whenever you need a boost.

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

The fabrics in every Vivi collection, are rooted in comfort. Cosy, warm sweater knits. Fleeced, soft jerseys. Soft, sueded twills. Vegan leather that is buttery smooth with a bit of stretch for easy movement. This collection is based in natural fibres— viscose rayon, which is derived from cellulose (the main constituent of plant cell walls), and cotton woven and knits, and wool.

There’s also the introduction of vegan leather and suede, which is better for animals and easier to care for. In the collection for AW21, you will find a beautiful vegan leather dress and jacket, the jacket being unisex.

This season there are two standout prints:

The Vivi Design toile-inspired travelling moth print and our hand ice-dyed viscose rayon. The travelling moth was created in collaboration with artist Katie Donovan and follows an anthropomorphic moth as they take a train adventure through the world.

The ice-dyed viscose is created by hand in small sections. Each ice-dyed piece is truly one-of-a-kind. This dye process involves pre-treating the fabric, then covering it in ice and dye powder. As the ice melts, it swirls through the fabric and takes in new and beautiful ways. Similar to tie-dye, but at a whole new sophistication level. The fabric is then rinsed and over-dyed to avoid any large white patches. It is then thoroughly rinsed, washed, and finished so that it won’t run or lose its vibrancy when washed.

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

This season Vivi Design continues their Brave & Kind T-shirt campaign. The annual proceeds of their Brave & Kind T-shirt (as featured below) are donated to StompOUT Bullying, the leading non-profit dedicated to changing the culture for all students.

StompOUT Bullying works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying, and other digital abuse, educates against homophobia, LGBTQIA+ discrimination, racism, and hatred, and deters violence in school.

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

Mystical Nature By Vivi Design Studio

NEW: The AW21 collection is also now available in adult sizes so you can match with your mini or the siblings can twin! Watch this space for more information on the adult collection!


Visit Vivi Design Studio and Shop the current collection HERE.

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Find out more about the brand and the designer behind the brand Claire Thomas Morgan in our Chit Chat Tuesday interview.






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