Noch Mini – Sophisticated Kids Wear From NYC

An Interview with Jina from Noch Mini

Designed in NYC, Noch Mini brings a touch of sophistication to your child’s wardrobe.  Their simple yet stylish designs are also made from the highest quality organic materials and low-impact dyes. Noch Mini, founded in 2010 can now be found all over the world.

Check out this week’s interview with the creator of Noch Mini, Jina Jang below.

An Interview with Jina from Noch Mini

JS:  To start, could you tell us how Noch Mini came to be, and the story behind the name?

JJ:  When our daughter was born, we wanted all the best quality and healthy choices we could get for her, including clothes.  We quickly found out most organic clothing options were very limited in design and colours.  Being a fashion designer and have worked in this industry for more than a decade, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to start a cool and well-designed children’s clothing line that just happens to be using sustainable materials and low-impact dyes. While designing clothes is an art, name inspiration came from science.  N (nitrogen), O (oxygen), C (carbon), and H (hydrogen) are the basic and majority elements of everything living and organic.

An Interview with Jina from Noch Mini

JS:  In what ways has Noch Mini grown or changed since the beginning?

JJ:  Noch Mini’s goal of inspiring parents and children using unique designs with sustainability in mind has not changed.  However, the brand has matured and evolved through learning from our customers every season.

JS:  Everyone has to start somewhere, what was your first job?

JJ:  I worked as an assistant designer at a boutique contemporary brand in NYC.

An Interview with Jina from Noch Mini

JS:  Being in such a dynamic and interesting city like NYC, there must be no shortage of inspiration.  How does your environment influence your work?

JJ:  There is no place like NYC as a fashion designer.  Surrounded by talented coworkers, friends in the same or different industries, and most of all, diversity in everything that represents NYC itself, have an influence in my work.

An Interview with Jina from Noch Mini

JS:  Could we get a glimpse into a typical day in your life/daily routine?

JJ:  Typical working mom schedule – get daughter prepared to go to school, exercise, work hard, put my daughter to bed, relax, get a good night of sleep 🙂

JS:  We love seeing your daughter grow up season after season in your lookbooks!  Now that she is getting older, does she have any creative ideas or input in your designs?

JJ:  She is my constant inspiration and as she gets older and more expressive, I do get more inputs from her.

JS:  How would you describe your personal style?  Do your personal style tastes work themselves into designing for kids?

JJ:  I like unisex styles. When I first started my line, I designed only unisex styles but it was too limiting.  Still, my personal style tastes absolutely work themselves into my design work every season. Unfortunately, for my 6 yo daughter, I don’t like princess-y styles.

An Interview with Jina from Noch Mini

An Interview with Jina from Noch Mini

JS:  What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

JJ:  Love everyone and do your best and once you do your best, accept the result.

JS:  We’re getting really excited for SS17.  Could you give our readers a clue to what they can expect?

JJ:  SS17 inspiration came from Alice in Wonderland.   Whimsical trompe l’oeil styles are key pieces.

JS:  Just for kicks, what are the last three items you’ve purchased?

JJ:  Camouflage printed bomber jacket, Ankle boots and Dark Gray Jeans.


Shop Noch Mini here at Mome Kids.
Shop the Full AW16 collection at Noch Mini Design here


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