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Blog trends TD carottecie main1When we become adult, we think we need to banish all things childlike as we won’t be taken seriously. The child inside us is not completely dead but we can’t admit that we still love the Disney characters or anything kids related…We are grown-up now!

Carotte & Cie is a brand of Accessories and small decorations Handmade for Children with the Mum in mind. For some products, you won’t need to have a child to be tempted to get it.

I hope that you like Carotte & Cie just as much as I do!

Carotte & Cie is a French Organic brand.  Here I display my selection of products suitable for kids of all ages!

Inspired by the brand designers region, the North of France, you find a key element of her everyday life : THE RAIN!

1. Carotte & Cie Organic Cotton Cushion Pink Raindrop – A different print on each side – £21.50

This product is also available as a Cherry Stone heat pack. With no hot water, it’s safer for children.  A great way to combat cold feet, aches and pains, or simply relax.

blog trends TD carottecie cushiondrop 20141124-232618 1

2.Carotte & Cie Organic Cotton Cherry Stone Heat Pack – Pink or Yellow Raindrop – £14


Nature takes an important part in the designers creation.

3. Carotte & Cie Organic Cotton cushion “Mountain” shape – £21.50


Don’t forget the animals…!

4. Carotte&Cie Organic Cotton Heater pack – Bird shape – £14


……and lastly the bright colours to get through the Winter!

5. Carotte & Cie Organic Cotton Cushion Lemon Shape – £15.50

6. Carotte & Cie Organic Cotton Strawberry Shape – £15.50


Do you think there is an age restriction to get and love these products?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and see you next week.


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