One Little Blue Bird Featuring Feather Drum

Junior Style Blog: One Little Blue Bird features Feather Drum

Guest contributor Jana Bowden of @one_little_bluebird mother of Jeorgia, is a tertiary educator at a University in Australia where she teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students. As a passion and a form of escapism, Jana indulges in photography.  Jana documents her daughter’s life, experiences, adventures and growth as her years unfold on Instagram.

Jana: This series of images was captured in Australia by a beautiful saltwater lake in the peak of our hot, balmy summer season on a 30-degree Celsius day (Jan 2017). The dress was purchased from a beautiful soulful store called Two Wyld Cubs which is run by its very passionately dedicated owner, Vanessa.

There are very few brands which resonate at a deep emotional level with me. Feather Drum is one of those. I feel that I connect to the design, it’s essence, and its raw, honest and earthy connection to nature and natural beauty.

Junior Style Blog: One Little Blue Bird features Feather Drum

The style of the pieces, the textures, the tones and the way life is breathed into them on Jeorgia inspires me. I feel that I am not just photographing clothing on my daughter – instead, I am capturing her spirit enriched by Feather Drum’s designs.

Junior Style Blog: One Little Blue Bird features Feather Drum

Jeorgia is a spirited, and deeply curious child. Full of energy, zest and fire at heart with a very real passion and intense interest in the wilderness – I often think of her as my little wanderess, explorer, and experience seeker.

One of my favourite quotes to describe her is by Shakespeare “though she be but little she is fierce.” The images that I capture of her that reflect this are the truest to her character and to her spirit.

Junior Style Blog: One Little Blue Bird features Feather Drum

So capturing Feather Drum on Jeorgia gives me a sense of deep intrinsic pleasure – to know that I have these images recorded not only for others who share a passion for the label but also for posterity. I hope that when Jeorgia grows up past her tender four years of age, she can reflect on these beautiful moments and understand who and what she was at the time they were taken. In this way, the images have a lifelong meaning for me and for my daughter.

The saying “the sum is greater than the whole of its parts” is appropriate here. Clothing companies may put thread and material together, but for me, the spiritedness and raw earthy truth that Feather Drum injects into its designs the unique beauty of the label.

Junior Style Blog: One Little Blue Bird features Feather Drum


This series of images is by far the most magical for me. The connection between the label, the Chloe Maxi dress, the stunning wilderness location, the hot mid summers day sunlight filtering on to the lake and Jeorgia’s stillness and peace created something very powerful. I recall reviewing the files and having my heart skip a beat or two. All of this makes photographing Feather Drum a love and not simply a hobby for me.

By documenting my daughter’s life journey our captures are enhanced and given richness and meaning through the labels that she wears. This way, our social media journey is a joint one accompanied by labels – clothing brands and boutiques – and we co-create meaningful moments with along the way.

Keep up to date with Jana and Jeorgia on Instagram  @one_little_bluebird


You can shop Feather Drum via Mo+Me.


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