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Organic cotton benefits people and the environment in many ways. The process in which it’s made protects people and the environment from the farmers to the end consumer. Clothing which is made with organic cotton, been dyed with organic dyes and made in ethical factories, impacts far less, on the environment, than clothing that is produced for the High Street in general.

It’s been proven that organic clothing is soft and kind to sensitive skin and in particular beneficial to eczema sufferers. As the organic cotton has not been treated with pesticides it doesn’t hold the chemicals within the garment which means it washes better and lasts longer. The clothing can be passed down to younger generations, which is lovely for families and friends as it brings back memories. We pass all our clothes to our lovely neighbour and a friend, it’s lovely seeing their little ones in my children’s grown out clothes.. ^_^

We Love Squirrels

At We Love Squirrels we mainly sell organic clothing and some Fairtrade. Organic brands we love are Little Green Radicals, Ava & Luc, and Boys&Girls. They all design organic, modern, colourful clothing, which is all ethically produced and safe for the environment.

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