End Of Summer Fun In Palm Springs Getaway

Palm Springs Getaway by Photographer Gina Giampa Grimm #editorial #vacation #palmsprings #giangiampa #kidsfashion #fashionphotography #kidsfashioneditorial #juniorstyle #juniorfashion #kidsfashion #ministyle

Palm Springs Getaway an editorial by photographer Gina Giampa Grimm.

Relax by the pool and soak up the sun in this sweet end of summer editorial.

Palm Springs Getaway by Photographer Gina Giampa Grimm #editorial #vacation #palmsprings #giangiampa #kidsfashion #fashionphotography #kidsfashioneditorial #juniorstyle #juniorfashion #kidsfashion #ministyle #girlswear #girlsfashion #summerstyle


Palm Springs Getaway by Photographer Gina Giampa Grimm #editorial #vacation #palmsprings #giangiampa #kidsfashion #fashionphotography #kidsfashioneditorial #juniorstyle #juniorfashion #kidsfashion #ministyle #girlswear #girlsfashion #summerstyle


Palm Springs Getaway by Photographer Gina Giampa Grimm #editorial #vacation #palmsprings #giangiampa #kidsfashion #fashionphotography #kidsfashioneditorial #juniorstyle #juniorfashion #kidsfashion #ministyle #girlswear #girlsfashion #summerstyle


Palm Springs Getaway by Photographer Gina Giampa Grimm #editorial #vacation #palmsprings #giangiampa #kidsfashion #fashionphotography #kidsfashioneditorial #juniorstyle #juniorfashion #kidsfashion #ministyle #girlswear #girlsfashion #summerstyle


Palm Springs Getaway by Photographer Gina Giampa Grimm #editorial #vacation #palmsprings #giangiampa #kidsfashion #fashionphotography #kidsfashioneditorial #juniorstyle #juniorfashion #kidsfashion #ministyle #girlswear #girlsfashion #summerstyle


Creator of Palm Springs Getaway, Babiekins Magazine Contributor & Photographer Gina Giampa Grimm lives in San Diego, California with her three children Valetta (9yrs) who features in this editorial, younger sister Lulubell age 6 and brother August age 4. Living in San Diego there are endless opportunities for adventures and places to explore. Valetta and her siblings love going to the beach, parks, museums, and art galleries.


Find out a little more about Gina and Valetta below in our Q&A.

JS: Have you always loved photography? 

GG: My photography background started when I was very young. My father owned a print shop and was an amateur photographer. He taught me a lot of the basics of photography, with a large emphasis on composition. One of my first memories is sitting in the darkroom at his shop. My father would prop me up on the metal stool at the light table and I would scan the film for dust spots, ink in hand ready to correct it. Professionally, I started with shooting band promo shots with an emphasis on behind the scenes at rock concerts.

JS: What do you like about photography?

GG: I like Visual storytelling. I studied cinematography and have always loved film. I often would be entranced with the background in scenes as the story would unfold. The set design, the costumes, all the details making the movie come to life. Those same details that most people would overlook, but set the tone and are so important in storytelling. I feel this holds true with styling a shoot, it’s a key part of the process, a character that holds its own unique place bringing it all together. I love the creative process, pulling together looks for a shoot and letting the story unfold.

JS: What drew you to kids fashion photography?

GG: I took some time off from shooting band promo’s when I had my kids. When I started to shoot again, it naturally evolved into kids fashion photography. One of the first shoots was with Design Life Kids, with whom Valetta still works with today.  I have also contributed to Babiekins Magazine and am a Style Contributor @thelbbrand.

JS: What is Valetta’s day to day clothing style?

GG: I would say Valetta’s favorite style is bohemian, she mixes it up with edgier pieces. Living in Southern California the beach and skate culture heavily influences her style. We are fortunate to have a warm climate year round. Valetta likes clothing that is breezy, functional, but still stylish and fun.

JS: What are Valetta’s favourite kidswear labels?

GG: Valetta is such a free spirit, she gravitates towards Children of the Tribe, perfect for us here in Southern California with their laid-back boho vibe. Feather Drum and Hello Simone for maxi skirts. If she grabs a hat, its always from the awesome Fallen Broken Street Kids. For prints, she likes to express herself with Mini Rodini. Bang Bang Copenhagen when she’s feeling playful, especially their socks and tights. Dresses and Tutu’s from Rock Your Baby. The label Minouche has such sweet dresses. You will find in Valetta’s closet labels such as Tressy, Tiny Cottons, Animal Observatory, Wolf & Rita, Rylee + Cru, The Bee and The Fox.

We are big fans of unisex labels like Kid + Kind, Gardner and the Gang, and Caroline Bosmans.

Overall we are always on the lookout for timeless, comfortable pieces that are environmentally conscious as well.

JS: What are Valetta’s hobbies?

GG: Valetta loves performing arts. Her father is in the music industry and she grew up going to concerts and doing a lot of behind the scenes activities and started playing ukulele about three years ago. Valetta also enjoys being on stage acting, singing and dancing. Valetta has an appreciation for photography and has been using my cameras since she was a toddler. Recently, Valetta has taken an interest in drawing exploring that part of her artistic side.JS: Is there a fun memory from the Palm Springs shoot or funny moment?

JS: Is there a fun memory from the shoot?

GG: One favorite memory was when Valetta sat down by the edge of the pool to dip her toes in. As she sat there, a giant inflatable swan slowly floated all the way across the pool, right into her arms. Valetta embraced the swan and gave it a great big hug.

JS: Is Valetta modeling professionally or just for fun?  What is her favourite part of the shoots?

GG: Valetta is modeling professionally. Initially, Valetta started out modeling for fun, but quickly realized how much she enjoyed it. Valetta asked if she could pursue it more. I value letting children follow their dreams, so I fully encouraged her. Valetta loves dressing up and being on stage and has always loved fashion. I think children naturally have a keen ability to put together items us adults maybe wouldn’t necessarily.

One of Valetta’s favorite part of shoots is meeting new people and making new friends. She finds joy in the entire modeling process, from pulling up to the shoot, stepping on set to having her hair and make-up done. And lastly, the hugs at the end of the day.


You can follow Gina & Valetta @ggiampagrimm


Pam Springs Getaway Clothing Credits:

Valetta Look 1, Hat: Fallen Broken Street from Children of the Tribe, Sunglasses: Sons + Daughter Eyewear, Necklace: Gunner & Lux, Dress: Children of the Tribe.

Valetta Look 2, Sunglasses: Sons + Daughters Eyewear, Dress: Mini Boden, Sandals: Saltwater Sandals.

Lulubell Look 3, Headband: Rock Your Baby, Black Tank and shorts: Gap, Socks: Tiny Cottons from Design Life Kids.


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Palm Springs Getaway images courtesy of Gina Giampa Grimm.

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