Paradis Blanc Childrenswear, an Invitation to Travel

blog af paradis-blanc -introNowadays, in an increasingly globalised world, I am always exciting to see how fashion designers get inspired by their travels and incorporate this into their designs. Their confrontation to different cultures, crafts, resources and colours contribute to the creation of bold collections.

Two sisters and globetrotters Victoire and Angelique de Varine-Bohan wanted to share the emotions experienced during their trips and discoveries, which lead the sisters to create “Paradis Blanc” / “White Paradise”.

The brand represents “their destination and their destiny”. Inspired by the Orient and their easy going spiritual and dressing code, PARADIS BLANC adds a Parisian touch for a sophisticated result.

The whole collection is made from cotton with the main material being the cotton veil. It’s soft, lightweight and very comfortable.

blog af paradis-blanc cotton-veil

Paradis blanc Pink Cotton Pyjama set with white embroidery

The garments are loose & flowing, with simple but elegant shapes. In veil, twill or crepe cottons: so smooth that they could become your children’s favourite everyday wear.

blog af paradis-blanc poncho

Paradis blanc Turquoise Crepe Poncho

“Every single trip we are doing to India, we are always amazed by this untouchable sophistication of the indie woman. Every time, we try to go through those codes which enable them to make every day with so little such a colorful and feminine harmony.” Victoire and Angelique
This sophistication is reflected in their collections. The level of detail and the embroideries gave a real romantic and Boho chic style.

blog af paradis-blanc details

Paradis Blanc 1/Juliette Pink Shirt details 2/ Top details

4/ Dark Blue Pyjama with turquoise embroidery 5/ Blue Night Dress 

Tell me: What is your favourite ethnic style?

If you are interested by the Paradis Blanc childrenswear, take advantage of the discovery prices on Tendre Deal this week.

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