Pepper Knows What’s Up: Wolf and Rita

Junior Style: Pepper Pics Loves Wolf and Rita

Everyone’s favourite insta-fashion darling Pepper knows a thing or two about style.  Both Pepper and her mom Bonnie love spending some time together at the weekend and creating the fabulous outfits you can see and here today on the Junior Style blog. (Scroll down for a Q &A with Bonnie).

We love the two Wolf and Rita outfits the ladies have created for Junior Style.

Junior Style: Pepper Pics Loves Wolf and Rita

Junior Style London are a big fan of Wolf and Rita, a Portuguese children’s clothing label that prides itself in using only the finest fabrics and ethically sourced materials, keeping production local.  Classic styles with a twist, Wolf and Rita create fun and modern children’s clothing that is ideal for everyday wear.

Junior Style: Pepper Pics Loves Wolf and Rita

Junior Style: Pepper Pics Loves Wolf and Rita


Q&A with Bonnie

JS: What is your dream job?

BVG: I am a freelance graphic designer by trade. Recently, I have been getting a lot of photography requests lately, so I am trying to become more and more professional. I wouldn’t ever call myself a professional photographer or a stylist but more a graphic designer with a huge passion for fashion, styling and photography. Combining all these things is my dream job!

JS: Where do you get your inspiration for your fashion shoots from?

BVG: Just by always keeping my eyes open. So many things inspire me. Magazines are my main inspiration I think.

……And of course Pinterest, Instagram. Some brands have the greatest photography.

JS: Pepper is a natural model and clearly loves fashion and creating these images with you. What was it that lead you to where you are now?

BVG: It started out as just a fun thing to do and got a bit out of hand ;). I just love being creative. I enjoy the planning of the shoot from collecting the clothing pieces to visualising the pictures. Nowadays it’s hard to look at a piece without getting inspiration on what a picture or the whole styling would look like. I’m really visual.

I love to try new things with my camera. Like I said, I’m not a photographer and although I had photography lessons at school I still have to learn so many things. Here is a little fact for you; all the pictures on my IG account till mid-April this year were taken with my iPhone. 😉

After I received my first real photography assignment and borrowed a friends camera, I thought maybe it isn’t a bad thing to get one of my own 😉

Pepper is the perfect model and knows what I want and I know what she can give me. Pepper loves the camera. She loves to say to people she’s a model haha and loves attention. So working together couldn’t be more perfect. Now only hope it stays like this 😉

JS: What do you and Pepper get up to at the weekend?

BVG: Weekends are for having fun. We always shoot during the weekend but only for an hour so besides that we go to a party, the movies, take the bus or train somewhere, go visit friends, walk in the woods, have lunch somewhere etc.

Next weekend we will be going to Vienna and in January we will be in London for a shoot. It’s work but it’s also a lot of fun time together. I really want to do lots of things with Pepper during the weekends. Making memories!

JS: Just for fun, what is your favourite movie and book?

BVG: My favourite film in Pulp Fiction. I have seen it a thousand times and it’s just brilliant. My favourite book is a more difficult one. I used to read so much but that stopped by the time Pepper was born. I think one of my favourite books is still the Harry Potter range and a very beautiful book De Ontdekking Van de Hemel (The Discovery of Heaven) by Dutch writer Harry Mulisch.

JS: And last but not least, can you tell us one fun thing about Pepper?

BVG: When she grows up she wants to become Elsa, a vet or a model. I personally think she will be on a stage somewhere, performing, acting, dancing. Performing as Elsa, a vet or a model 😉

Her favourite food is bread with olive oil, olives and blue cheese. Pepper hates pancakes and whipped cream. Strange but true 🙂


You can shop the Wolf and Rita collection at Busy and the Boy HERE.

Photography & Styling: Bonnie Van Geel

All photographs supplied by Bonnie Van Geel


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