Petra Barkhof Brings Homestories to Life

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When we saw Petra Barkhof’s stunning and very clever recreations of Daniel Müller’s masterful collages for the book Homestories by Elke Heidenreich for Style Piccoli magazine, we knew we had to share them. We know you’ll love these gorgeous scenes shot by Marco Tassinari. Scroll down for a tiny Q&A with Petra, a most sought-after kids fashion stylist and editor.petra d

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JS: How were you introduced to the book Homestories?

PB: I found a presentation of the book on a Swiss fashion magazine—I liked the cover and when the book arrived I fell completely in love with the beautiful paper work of Daniel Müller. I got his contact through the editor and when I explained to him that I wanted to recreate the sets with real furniture and kids, he liked my idea very much. But he said: “You are a bit crazy, aren’t you?” I am!

JS: You are known for your Instagram handle @scimparello. What does that mean?

PB: Once my grandson painted a very strange animal and he called it Scimparello. It is an invented word, but I liked the sound of it and now my personal blog, Facebook and Instagram account all have this name.

JS: Thank you Petra!

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