Pink or Blue for my baby?

blog af Numae introFor centuries, babies were wearing white dresses as white cotton could be easily bleached.  In the early 1900s, blue was used for girls and pink for boys, as pink was seen as a stronger colour more suitable for boys and blue more delicate and dainty, closer to the girls’ personality.

It’s only from the 40’s that the manufacturers started to offer Pink for girls and Blue for boys.  Since then, Pink seems to be the colour for girls. 

I have two little girls and they are nearly obsessed by Pink. Nearly everything needs to be Pink even their plates!   Thankfully, they also like red, but if you are not a fan of the “Barbie” Pink  or a Blue “Layette”, opt for more neutral colours.

I am glad to present Numaé, a children’s brand that has made the choice for half-toned and slightly vintage colours because little Prince and Princess shouldn’t look childish.

In 2004, French Designer Manuelle Schmite created the brand Numaé with a vintage spirit and offers now a range of young children’s clothing, bed linen and accessories for young parents. The retro colour palette with the dusky pink, the grey-blue, the yellowish-brown……and the inevitable white are pleasant to the eyes.


Manuelle works only with the finest & natural materials, mainly cotton and cashmere.  The collections are designed to offer little-ones comfort as well as style. As Numae creates timeless shapes & superior quality, you can easily save these outfits for another child.


The designs are simple without flourishes: plain fabric or subtle patterns. The only thing we often find is a little star or sometimes a heart on the design.


 We can also notice the Middle-East inspiration with the tunics and sarouel pants on offer.


Numaé also presents a stylish range of pyjamas that your children will never want to take off.

If you are someone like me and prefers vintage and subtle colours to flashy ones, have a look on Tendre Deal Boutique and take adavantage of Numaé flashsale until Sunday!

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