Playtime Selects Artist Manon Debaye for 20th Edition

playtime paris

Playtime announced Manon Debaye as the illustrator chosen to bring their 20th edition to life. The young artist is a fourth-year student at the Haute Ecole des Art du Rhin in Strasbourg. Debaye’s sense of humour shines through the whimsical nature of her illustrations.

nyc playtime

Debaye’s bio states, ‘On December 16, 1946, Léon Blum became the President of the Provisional Government of the French Republic, and forty-seven years later, Manon Debaye was born. And yet, in spite of this strange coincidence, she did not go into politics, but instead went into illustration’.

playtime tokyo

The artist produced six illustrations, for winter and summer editions of Playtime Paris, New York, and Tokyo. You are welcome to download them courtesy of Playtime. And be sure to see more of Debaye’s work on her tumblr.

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